Monzo keep taking duplicate payments

I have had duplicate transactions been taken from my account. This is now the third time it’s happened, the money always seems to come back eventually but that’s not the point. I love my Monzo account but I am debating shutting my account down as it’s an inconvenience to be regularly double charged and having to wait weeks for it to come back.

Does anyone else have this issue? How can I get my money back sooner?

Is it Tesco who do this double charge or some other retailer?

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Hi. It’s not Monzo who is taking the money.

Who is the retailer? Is it Tesco? There’s a thread on here on them doing the same to a lot of people. Nike are another culprit.


No it’s none of them, touch wood I’ve not had any issues with them. It’s been the body shop. I have a pending transaction from the 13th August and then this morning they took the money again. So would I need to contact the body shop? Thank you.

This post explains it better than I will…

Are they in-person transactions or online?

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As already stated, banks can’t ‘take’ money from your account, they can only do what retailers ask them to do. In this case it looks like a retailer who isn’t processing transactions as well as they could - they’re reserving some money and then claiming some more money leaving the reservation to lapse in its own time.

It’s worth nothing that just because a Monzo account makes this clearly visible to you doesn’t mean that other banks aren’t affected in exactly the same way. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening hidden away in the background.


your right people are only realising this because of the real time notifications, this happens with legacy banks as well but we don’t see it

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