Duplicate Payments

Bit of a long one so bear with me!

I made multiple gambling transactions this month, with multiple deposits and withdrawals all onto my Monzo. However, there have been multiple duplicate payments appearing in my feed as well as some random amounts appearing as withdrawals (winnings, which show as refunds in the Monzo app) (for example a £469 withdrawal I didn’t make).

I spoke to skybet, who said they felt the issue was with Monzo as they cross referenced the amount which came off my card. Is it possible that it will all level out in a few days? Like, maybe the £469 withdrawal I didn’t make is a few duplicates refunding themselves naturally? I don’t mind waiting but would be good to get an idea if this is normal!

We can’t see your payment details because we’re all customers. Contacting Monzo in app with be your best bet and they will be able to tell you exactly what has happened :slight_smile:

Hi Ordog,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve contacted Monzo :slightly_smiling_face: was just looking to see if anyone else had similar experiences. Monzo are looking into it and have now explained they’re having issues with transactions like this but am slightly concerned with them seemingly withdrawing money from my account and now holding on to it :confused: am hoping it’s not a sign that they’re in trouble…but we will see!

yep Monzo were probably covering my £475 payment for my road tax - sorry VED … with your £469 to balance their books :slight_smile:

Haha, thats a stretch. Although if they are going to start gifting me deposits I’m all for it! Once I get my £1000 back though…

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it is a stretch I agree … :slight_smile:

What does this mean? What is your concern? :confused:

Normally when there are duplicate payments it’s a mistake from the company requesting them. So in your case the gambling company. Or there is a mismatch between the requests. Again likely due to the company not sending the correct information to Monzo.

Monzo don’t withdraw your money. As mentioned above it sounds like it was requested from the gambling company, so Monzo need to get it back from them on your behalf.

Either way I’m sure it will be resolved soon since you’ve now been in touch :+1:

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Hi Ordog,

Yeah that’s what I thought too.

Initially the transactions were sitting on my Monzo as a pending transaction, Monzo (and I agreed) that they would simply refund when Skybet didn’t collect the money. Then, they didn’t and were no longer pending. Monzo advised me to speak to the merchant - it took a couple of days but Skybet then concluded that the issue was with my bank.

So, I went back to Monzo this morning who are now saying they have an issue with Skybet transactions and they will resolve it. Frustratingly I have to wait up to 24 hours to hear back on when and how exactly.

My concern is that I’m missing close to £1000 in transactions but optimistic Monzo will sort it out shortly. I was totally on your page, I completely assumed it would be a merchant issue but turns out not in this instance!

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It’s unfortunately very common that the company involved in these kind of issues don’t want to clean up their own mess and just pass the book :pensive:

It takes a little longer for Monzo to resolve it from their end as a result but rest assured you’re in good hands and I’m sure they will get your money back to you asap :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed! Thanks :slight_smile: