Tesco double charging me anyone else?

Every now and then when I use Monzo at Tesco for example last week I bought 2 packs of cigarettes for a family member it came to £18.58.

The next morning at 0530 I get a notification for the same amount charged and it sends me overdrawn.

The Tesco I shop at doesn’t even open at 0530 :roll_eyes:

Anyone else get this?

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There are about a million threads on this. It’s a flaw with how Tesco collects payments and happens to a lot of people


It seems to be fairly common with Tesco

Well at least it’s not just me :weary: I get refunded eventually not the point though.

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Never happened to me and I’ve used Tesco 37 times.

Knowing my luck I’ve jinxed it now and it’ll happen next time.

They’ll wait especially for you to do a big big shop :rofl:

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I always use their Tesco Pay+ app you don’t need to user Clubcard and payment card as it is all together in the app. This may explain why I have never had the problem.

It’s not all stores and it’s not that frequent

As usual I got my refund automatically today, as others have said it doesn’t happen with every transaction I looked when it last happened and it was over 2 months ago for a 60p chocolate bar.

I typically find they automatically refund the money a few days later at some obscure time of the night.

I think in future I’m going to use my credit card just to avoid the hassle and overdrawn issues because I have all my money in pots and only withdraw when I’m about to pay.

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It’s happened to me three times, but not recently the last being a few months ago. Monzo should be pressing MasterCard who should be getting heavy with Tesco over it. On this forum I often read reports of it happening, and with most Monzo users not being members here how frequently does it really happen?