Monzo bug charged twice for multiple transactions - Monzo support blaming the merchant

Over the weekend my card was charged twice for two separate transactions with completely unrelated merchants. I am trying to get Monzo to refund me one of the instances of each transaction but I’m just getting back all of the automated messages about following up with the merchant. Why would it be a merchant issue if it happened at the same time with two different merchants?

Any help much appreciated

Hi. Welcome.

So Merchant A and Merchant B both charged you at the same time (same amount?) but you were only trying to pay one of them?

Any chance the merchants are related somehow?

Monzo don’t charge you, they just facilitate someone else charging you, so I can understand why they are directing you to the merchants, but seems weird how it’s happened in the first place.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve just seen that this has happened with a third transaction too (so now three unrelated merchants - two supermarkets and a public transport provider). Basically all the transactions I made over the weekend are showing up in Monzo when I made them but also on Monday - and my account balance is showing that the money has actually been taken twice for all of these (in both the app view and in the PDF generated statement).

Did you have signal/data/wifi across the weekend?

If you tap onto the transaction and scroll to the very bottom, there will be some grey text on a grey background, and it will say something like TESCO1909834PENDING or if the transaction has finalised, pending won’t be there.

What does it say for all 6? At a guess, 1 of each, for each merchant will still be pending.

No technical problems for me this weekend. Nope these are not pending, these are all complete payments, as shown by the fact that my account balance has taken twice the hit that it should have done.

Your balance will change even if a transaction is pending.

Some banks show you an actual balance and an available balance. Monzo only show you the latter.


No but I mean the balance has changed to what it would be if the transactions were all literally taken twice

Which is what will always happen.

Have you checked to see if they are pending?

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Go into each transaction, look at the very bottom & see if they say “Pending” or not.

The pending ones will automatically get refunded to you after 7 days.

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Thanks, I can confirm that none of these transactions shows as pending.

Then you need to speak to the merchants to find out why they have charged you twice.

But if it is three unconnected merchants all on the same day it must be a monzo issue

No, it’s not, as @Revels said, Monzo just facilitate that transaction between the merchant and you, may be a card machine fault and you’ve just been very unlucky

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Didn’t happen to me, mustn’t be a Monzo problem.

Who were the merchants?

Also, if it was a Monzo issue there would be people flooding the forum all saying the same things. However it’s just you at the moment.

Where the transactions online or in person?

Could the organisations use the same payment processor?

I got charged twice from tesco took £15.50 on day I shopped on Monday… and yesterday it took another £15.50 at 4 in the morning still waiting for it to be resolved :roll_eyes:

Tesco do this frequently!

It will come back to you in 7 days.

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