Payment delay on weekend?

I sent money from my Monzo to a Halifax account last night. This has always been instant in the past but the money has still not landed in the Halifax account. Been asking Monzo since first thing this morning but they seem to be ignoring all my messages. Any ideas?

Should be instant. I would wait for a reply from Monzo

Payments into Monzo have been taking on average 2 hours for me over the weekend.

If your worried give them a call :slight_smile:

There was an issue yesterday. Definitely contact Monzo via the usual channels.

Interestingly my inbound transfer took two hours this morning too


I have been trying to contact them all day but just no replies. Is there a number to call Monzo? Only seem to have the online chat system.

Halifax is not a direct participant of the faster payments service, so faster payments may take longer than usual (i.e. not instant)

See and

It may be simply that which is delaying it?

Yea it is on their website 08008021281 :grin:

Thanks everyone. I’ve rung them and they are looking into it. Just confused as I am always transferring money to that account and it’s never not been instant before.

I had a payment sent from a family member on Saturday at 4 pm and still have not received it , have been lied to over the last 24 hours by three different chat people, then told me to contact Lloyds Bank and ask for a CPR , knowing full well no bank will talk to you unless your a customer , absolutely disgusting customer service and never heard so many lies in one day ,

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Oh and just know I’ve found a feed on twitter from monzo stating they are having problems with faster payments , which I haven’t been told so yet again this bank is lying

A link to that thread would be useful for context

That was resolved within an hour and all payments processed

Could the family member not get the number for you to pass on to monzo? They need it to see if they’ve received it or if Lloyds haven’t processed it for some reason. Without the number it’s impossible for them to see if the issue is with monzo or Lloyds at this stage


Yes gave them the reference number and Lloyds have confirmed has been sent monzo say they can’t trace it that was at 6 pm yesterday

Is this the first time that family member has sent you money or an amount that significantly different to what they usually send? People have reported on the forum this before and it’s been the sending bank holding it for 24 hours for extra checks, even though their customer service says it been sent

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Had transfers from him of alot bigger amounts before and always gone in instant

Still does not mean it is ok for a bank to lie to their customers on several occasions

Faster payment rules stats that banks can take up to close of next business day to complete a transfer so it could still arrive soon.


It’s only a lie if they know they have the money and it’s not subject to any checks which means they legally can’t tell you.

At the moment it could be a monzo issue or it could be a Lloyds issue, there’s no way of knowing

Is your account working normally today ie you can make payments etc?