HSBC transfer not showing up in monzo

Hi everyone, new to U.K.

I transferred money last night from HSBC to my monzo account stating today (April 26) as the effective date, but the money hasn’t been reflected yet in monzo… is this normal?

With legacy banks standing orders etc are not processed on a weekend and will be done on a Monday but if it was a faster payment should show up within 2 hours tho normally show straight away

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Thank you super dude! Probably did it the legacy way…

Ahhh… sorry to sound silly. What’s faster payment? Haha (just moved here a week ago)

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It’s a UK banking system that allows for fast payment transfers between UK banks. It’s transparent in that you don’t need to do anything to use it, if your bank supports it it generally just works in the background.


Known issue with HSBC too. Type HSBC into the Help section of the app.


I’m pretty sure the HSBC cut off for payments is a lot later than 14:30.

@Xlly.h if it’s your first payment to Monzo, it’s also possible it’s been held up for routine fraud checks - particularly if it’s your first payment to Monzo from them.


You are correct. This feels more like HSBC’s over cautious anti-fraud checks.


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You’re correct ! I just got a notification it has been transferred :wink: thanks everyone!

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HSBC is the only bank with delays. I closed my account with them because of their fraud checks. Long delays even next day transfers

My partner transfers from HSBC to Monzo and called up because of a delayed transfer and was told that transfers after 6pm after delayed until the following day.

Never had any delays with transfers from fd or HSBC.

Every time for me and first direct as well.
I have first direct account and last time I transferred £1000 to my Monzo there was no messages but funds stayed on my first direct account so I tried for the second time and received a message that due to fraud check your transfer will be delayed.
I received my money next day only and looks they tried to send same payment twice as they contacted me with a message:

Re: Rejected Automated Bill Payment

We have been unable to send the money by the Automated Bill Payment (ABP) you have requested today. This is due to there being a lack of cleared funds available to cover the transaction. Please be aware that we may refuse future payments if there is a lack of funds available to cover them.

It’s truly isn’t. All banks will delay some payments for checks - especially if it’s the first time you are paying somebody or making more than one payment to the same person within a short period.

As per @Chapuys post, you were misinformed- I have often made faster payments with no issues in the evenings.

Maybe I’m wrong…
I used Nationwide, Barclays, Lloyds, TSB, Starling and they never delayed my transfers

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Same I’ve never had payments delayed by Barclays starling nationwide NatWest but I remember when I use to be with HSBC many years ago if you paid in cash after a certain time wouldn’t show in your account till the next working day!!!