HSBC to Monzo transfer - possible problems?

Hi. New Monzo user here. Got the card and successfully transferred £20 from HSBC this morning - it was instant. Have used the card, very happy. This evening, decided to lump some more over (£750) - but this has not arrived. I’m sure that it is just a delay but looking for some reassurance. Could it be as late as Monday now before it arrives? Probably a stupid time to do it (5pm on a Friday) but assumed as the earlier transaction was instant then this one would be too?
HSBC say it has been paid and it is showing as debited in my HSBC account!

Strange --I do that sort of transfer regularly and have never had a problem in either direction. Assuming it went through the Faster Payments Service, it can take up to two hours:

If you pop to help in your Monzo app and search HSBC, you will find your answer.


Thanks for the response. It does seem that there are some delays possible. I’ll just sit tight and hope it appears soon!

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That’s a lot of money to be missing in the system. Am new also and have had this happen today. Have been told to wait for a response as I deposited cash into my Monzo but it isn’t showing only as declined.
Hope yours arrives soon x

Most banks will block payments for fraud checks if you try and make multiple payments on the same day as you set up a new payee.

The money will just take a few hours longer to turn up - perhaps tomorrow - though legally they can delay it until Monday

This combined with HSBC having a Faster Payment cut off.

11:45 PM? Not sure that’s a factor…

Multiple payments to a new payee is classic fraudster behaviour, hence banks checking subsequent payments


I had an identical problem with HSBC a while ago. It came through maybe 5-6 hours later. I suspect the point about “fraud checks” is spot on.

The fraud checks sound plausible. I know the account details were correct as I previously used them for the transfer earlier, so I guess the money will appear at some point!

Turns out there is two conflicting help pages…

It’s not 6pm - no idea where you got that idea from.

Have a look at page 14 of

It hasn’t changed for years

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Here’s where I saw it. In the Monzo help section.


I might suggest it would be a good idea for Monzo to concentrate on their own business practices and not comment on other banks as they frequently seen to get things incorrect.

The 23:45 time at HSBC hasn’t changed for well over a decade and even pre-dates faster payments.

Besides, with faster payments, while most payments are done within two hours, there is no guarantee payments will arrive the same (as Monzo wrongly suggest is the case) given the PSD Directive gives banks until the end of the next working day.

Their recent blog entry on account withdrawal limits for other banks was similarly flawed.

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It would appear HSBC don’t know either judging by reports on this thread.

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I think it’s quite simple really. Every bank, Monzo included, likes to blame the counterparty for delays in any transfer.

It means the employee get you off the phone and doesn’t need to check with their their fraud teams etc to see if the issues with them… and they will just make something up if that helps them.

UPDATE: Well, all of the sudden just a few moments ago at about 2040, the money appeared in my Monzo account. So all is well it would seem. Hopefully just a small glitch!

I’m not quite ready to go “full” Monzo and have it as my main bank as I have a few concerns about customer service etc, so being able to transfer money quickly is quite important. (Also, I’m aware HSBC may not be perfect, but in all the years I have banked with them, whenever I have had a problem, it has been dealt with quickly and painlessly either on the phone or in branch)

I really like the way Monzo app works though, and transferring my “left over” money after mortgage, bills etc to Monzo seems to be a good way to manage my spending.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice!

Enjoy your weekend


This was 100% down to HSBC having a manual fraud check queue.
We’ve seen this happen on our customer support chat hundreds if not thousands of times.


yeah I don’t doubt it. Its a shame HSBC couldn’t say “the transfer is pending checks” rather than “we have paid it, contact the receiving bank”