Payee should be associated with contact

I received a payment from HSBC and the payee’s name is in the format “SURNAME A B C”. I have this person as a contact and their bank details are under this contact so the payment should show up as the contacts name but doesn’t. This means that if I want to look at payments from this person I have to search two names.
What I’m asking for is: when a payment is received from a bank account which is under a contact, the payment should show up as that contact.

Hi :wave:t3: welcome to the forum. What you’re describing is part of improved payee management and it’s been something that’s been talked about a lot on here. You can vote on it here:

Hopefully it will get some love soon :crossed_fingers:

You could merge them together if you wanted?

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Is that an Android only thing? Can’t see how to do this on mine

I believe it is > ‘Merge Payees’ in Labs

Nope, not there. Guess it is Android only then?

Yes - Android only at this point.

Read it as “I believe it is in ‘Merge Payee’ in Labs’. Full stops are a thing! :wink:

Full details here; Monzo Labs: Merge payees

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This feature request doesn’t actually appear in the Improved Payee Management post.