Managing Payees

I’m not sure if this has been covered before or not, I had a quick search but didn’t see anything

I’ve just added all of my other bank accounts to my Monzo Payments tab, although it would be great if I were able to:

a) Manage the account name + payment reference
b) See the account details that the money is being sent to, and ideally manage these details too
c) See payment history to that person/account, like you do with spending. ie: Average £15 over 3 transactions


Some great suggestions.

Payments on Current Accounts are very basic right now! We’ll be upgrading it over the next few months.

I think the aim is to merge the old style “pay your contacts” with Faster Payments, Bacs etc (and even foreign transfers etc), so you only have to think about paying people / organisations. You shouldn’t need to think too hard about the payment details or method (although you should be able to edit them if you need to).

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@tom is there any chance of a quick update so that we can at least see some details of the payees?

I’ve got four Payees in my name - credit card, ISA, savings and my old current account. I’ve no idea which one is which and so every time I manually type the details and then have a micro panic that I’m about to send my money to someone else’s account and I’ve no way of recalling it.

Basically the current CA app is causing me to continuously doubt myself which is a really poor user experience.



Yeah, I agree.

I say edit/view the details because, like me, my friends have multiple bank accounts and sometimes you’re paying money for a specific thing - so they may want it to go to their weekly spending account rather than where they pay their bills.

Although, i’m not sure everyone is like me and has a different account for different account activity. :roll_eyes:

@alexbilbie When I was adding my accounts - I named them like, Josh Bills Acc, Josh Weekly Acc etc, not sure if that would help you?

@jaffa it’s not clear the Recipient Name on the form needs to be the real name or not - but if that’s not the case then I will go through and set them up again with alternative names


Just a little feedback. I think the payments page needs another field, for ‘nickname’, or friendly name. I have a bunch of accounts in my own name for instance, and I guess we should put an accurate payee name, but I would like to visually refer to them as ‘smile’, ‘savings’, ‘checking’, etc.


Naming in this way is a good workaround for the time being. However, my problem is that I named mine before realising this, and cannot currently delete or rename a Payee! Know this will be fixed in the future, but a bit confusing in the meantime.

The recipient name can be absolutely anything, it’s not used.

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Where I have more than one bank account for myself or a payee, I have just typed the payee name as I want it to be displayed. I have always done this with my legacy banks also with no problem

For example:
Aaron - Monzo
Aaron - Lloyds
Scott - TSB
Scott - Lloyds
Alice - Lloyds
Alice - Natwest

I have made payment to all of these accounts and they have worked fine with these details as the payee

We can do better than that!

slush fund
swiss account
dodgy loan co


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Hey there, thanks for sharing your feedback and needs for payee management.

As Tom said, we have some ideas about grouping accounts under contacts, so you’re paying people rather than managing a bunch of payees - that’ll be a bit further down the line though.

In the short term, to help distinguish multiple accounts with the same name/owner - we’ve added sort codes and account numbers to each line item in the recent payees list.

It’s out on Android, and will be in the next Bank App update for iOS soon.


Feels pretty weird hearing coming to iOS soon :joy:

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