Pay Contact - No Account Details till Confirm Payment

I’ve several Account and several contacts with several accounts. When I’m sending money I can only see their name and not their account details. For instance if I send money to someone with two accounts I’ll see their name listed twice. I have to select one, enter the amount, confirm send and just then I’ll see if I have chosen the correct account or not.

Surely the account details could be listed at selection or even better, on the contacts list.

there’s a option to merge contacts with the same names that way you will see the account details when you click on the name before you pay

For some reason, whether you see the details first or not depends on where you choose a contact from. If you go to the Payments tab and choose a contact from there (either under “Frequent”, “Recent”, “All”, or by searching), it will take you to a screen showing the account details (sort code & account number). You then tap on the account details to go to the screen where you enter the amount.

If, however, you go to the Payments tab and then tap the “Pay” option at the top of the screen, any contact you choose from the “Pay” screen will go straight to the place where you enter the amount to transfer. You can try this with the exact same contact, once tapping on it directly from the main Payments tab, and once tapping on it from the “Pay” screen.

Finally, something else you can do (if you don’t merge contacts as @shizzle suggests) is to not use the payee’s proper name but put the account description in it. This will make things a lot easier. So instead of “Jane Smith”, set the payee name as “Jane - Personal” or “Jane - NatWest” or whatever best distinguishes that account.

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I should’ve set them up properly in the first place … I can’t seem to find the option to merge, only to add another account to a contact.

You’re right, the details show in that case. My issue is now that I have all the contacts in, so it’d be easier to merge, but I can’t find that option. Otherwise I’ll have to go through all and add the accounts manually. Also, I can’t change the name of a contact once they’re in there.

Yeah, there is a big problem in that there’s been no development to make managing payees easier. I think the merging option is only on Android? I certainly don’t have it on iOS. And I’m not sure anyone can rename, I think you have to delete and re-add. It’s a mess, which is why I’ve not tried to clean up my payees, I keep hoping this gets fixed.

Phew – at least I know I’m not crazy. :slight_smile: Well, let’s wait and see. I’ll do the guessing game till then. Thanks for the response!

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Yeah its in android labs only at the moment as far as im aware

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