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(Jason Smith) #45

Thanks Simon! I’ll drop them an email and see if we get anywhere!

(MikeF) #47

I’m not sure that your bank’s website is necessarily the most sensible place to tell that story…

(MikeF) #49

OK, I was wondering from the way it read!

(Richard Orr) #50

My Monzo New Current Account Debit MasterCard doesn’t work at Costco Pay at Pump. Costco in Uk only accept Amex or debit cards so I would expect it to work. This would be a barrier to me using Monzo as my sole current account. Such a shame !

(MikeF) #51

Didn’t you ask them to change their acceptance rules to cover all debit cards?

(Adam) #52

This is the response I received from Morrisons after asking their intentions regarding the current account card.

I bet their blacklist is updated much quicker, mind. Time will tell, so we shall see what happens in January! I hope they’re true to their word, my nearest Morrisons petrol station is literally 0.1 miles away.

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(Jason Smith) #53

Great result if they stick to it, at least they’re aware of Monzo which is a step in the right direction!

(Allie) #54

Do the Mastercard Rules actually allow whitelisting only certain Mastercards (within a product category)? Absolutely awful practice.

(Jason williams) #55

As you can pay instore and not just at the pump Morrison’s can prob get away with it

(Dave Goodchild) #56

I have a new CA Card and thought is was now possible to use these for offline transactions such as pay at pump but having tried several times I have not been successful the card is simply rejected :frowning:

Is there a solution to this as I cannot switch to Monzo as my main account if stuff like this doesn’t work?

(Hugh Wells) #57

Hi @pictor

Sorry to hear that this has been an issue :frowning:

Pay-at-pump isn’t usually an offline transaction but if you could DM me your email I will take a look at what’s happening for you


Hi Hugo.

Should I deduce from this that pay @ pump should now be working? I gave up on it long ago (even with CA preview) and have been using my other current account.

(Andy) #59

The only 2 pay at pump stations I have found that the monzo CA debit card doesnt work is Morrisons and CostCo


I think it depends on the brand (Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA, Cosco UK) as to weather it works or not and if their software is up to date

(Dave Goodchild) #61

Sorry I assumed they were offline as when I use a card from another account to doesn’t show the transaction in any way for a couple of days, it’s Morrisons pay @ pump if that helps


Same for me. Morrisons pay at pump simply rejects card as unsupported card type. Not asking for PIN

(MikeF) #63

If you look at the thread above, you’ll find that Morrisons are proposing a change in the new year to support our cards correctly.

(Allie) #64

Morrisons has apparently acknowledged they’re blocking Monzo cards intentionally (by maintaining a whitelist of cards they allow and blocking everything not on it).

I’d suggest filing a complaint with Mastercard, given this behaviour appears to violate honour all cards (though they might argue they honour it, just not at the pump… that seems sketch to me): [edit - @RichardR has stated Monzo would prefer acceptance complaints about the Monzo card go to Monzo instead of to Mastercard, leaving the Mastercard link for reference/any issues you have with Mastercards from other banks]

(Bruce Davies) #65

FWIW, I tried using CA for Pay at pump at Chevron in Georgia USA yesterday. Wasn’t accepted (having input (Chip and) PIN, display stated ‘transaction cancelled’. Interestingly, same happened with Curve; a test transaction of $1 is pending on Curve, nothing on Monzo CA. Tried both cards as both debit and credit - same result. Monzo was also not accepted at the station EPOS via magstripe; ended up resorting to Amex, which worked first time.

(Allie) #66

Chip and PIN at a Chevron pump in the US? Last I heard they didn’t even have EMV inside at Chevron… are you sure?

P.S. to clarify, when you select ‘debit’ in the US, it attempts to run a card over various US ‘regional debit networks’ - always select ‘credit’. To be honest, I can almost guarantee your transaction was not chip and PIN, but rather magstripe. The PIN prompt would have been for an attempt to run over the US regional debit networks.

The fact you got that prompt (the credit/debit one) pretty much guarantees it wasn’t a chip transaction. If it was, it’d have read the chip and seen there was only one network AID.