Partial Switch Question

I am looking for some advice here.
A few of the companies I have a Direct Debit with do not seem to like Monzo for some reason so to make things a little easier, I’ve decided to do a partial switch away from Monzo to Nationwide. I still plan on keeping my salary and spending with Monzo.

The Partial Switch was rejected.
I contacted Monzo on Friday at 5:15pm, and I have yet to have an answer!!!

I am absolutely sick of these wait times. If it was a complicated and complex issue, then fair enough, but the initial response came through a good while after sending the message with the usual " needs to be passed to a specialist".

Frustrated :tired_face:

Phone them?

Not sure what else we can advise here.

Agreed, phone them. I was not aware it was possible to partially switch. Is it too much hassle to set up the DD’s with Nationwide and cancel them at Monzo? R-

Okay, not once did I say it was too much hassle!
All I am saying is that if another bank offers that and Monzo rejects it, then I’d at least like to know why.

Monzo heavily push you towards chatting with them rather than phoning them which is why I’ve asked for some advice on here.

The community has always been a great source of finding out some answers…

I dont think partial switches have been re instated, so the answer is Monzo dont do them

maybe this should / could be included in the help search answer to current account switch service @Rika ? to save cops answering this query if people have the info in app


Thanks very much Ian!
That was all I needed to know :slight_smile::+1:

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sorry for the time it took to find the answer :slight_smile: :slight_smile: you do of course have to recollect the question was asked in the forum to look for the particular answer

jokes aside cops seem to need sorting out if this is the speed of reply , never had much issue myself with them though so maybe not that widespread ?

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It is for sure. My suggestion to phone them was based on the tone of urgency I (mis?)read in your post.

Meantime, the forum is great and has a search function too…

Hope you get it all sorted.

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I too am pleased it has been sorted. You seem to have misinterpreted the tone of my first post. My apologies if I sounded as if I was having a go. R-

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@gmclean @RogerB
Ah no need for any apology… it’s Monday, it’s Early and I may have gotten out the wrong side of bed this morning :joy:

What I was trying to emphasise is that a question that really should be relatively simple for Monzo to answer needs to be passed to a specialist which as it stands has been since Friday evening.


Agreed, things like this do seem to get caught up in the queue too often.

I thought that partial switches were only switched off for incoming transfers? It seems strange, indeed counterproductive, for Monzo to reject them when switching away. It’d probably make me bite the bullet and do a full switch.

(Now, a truly premium service would be to investigate your direct debit issues, fix the underlying cause then let you switch back then fixed).

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If a partial switch is a thing (and it is) then it seems odd that one bank can reject another’s legitimate process.

Irony being, some companies have a problem setting up DDs with Monzo, but if you set them up with Nationwide and then switch TO Monzo, they’ll be taken absolutely fine.

But I agree, Monzo’s absolutely shite customer service will be its undoing.


The issue isn’t urgent however it will be very interesting to see when they do eventually get back to me and let me know the outcome.

The first message was 17:14 on Friday 15th. The final message was at 6am on the Saturday morning saying it was going to the payments team to investigate.

Will keep you all updated on the outcome!


Out of interest who have you had issues with setting up DDs? I’ve not had any at all, and I’ve been using it as my main account since the beginning.
Monzo does have a team dedicated to acceptance issues who will liaise with companies who haven’t updated their sort codes database. Shocking it’s still an issue when they’re supposed to be doing it monthly.


I’ve had issues with Very/Littlewoods, my Gas/Elec company SSE where direct debits keep cancelling (Monzo say the SSE cancelled it, and then the SSE assure me they wouldn’t cancel a DD).
My car finance company is also a bit of a nightmare

Just an update for you guys.
I’ve spoken with Nationwide who looked into the partial switch I requested. The error code they received is “Account not valid for partial switch”

Sooo… it would look like Monzo have blocked the ability to partially switch away which seems odd!
I will of course update this further when I get an official response via the chat which I’m still waiting for :slight_smile:

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Maybe there’s a requirement for it to be symmetrical? So that because Monzo don’t allow partial switches in, they can’t allow partial switches out.

Or maybe Monzo just can’t figure out a way to get partial switches to work.

I did a load of partial switches with Starling when Starling was still doing them, including from banks that definitely don’t offer partial switches, so I don’t think this is right either.

Finally got an update about half 10 this morning.
So… the reason the partial switch was cancelled was due to having a Pot opened up on the account. Apparantly when you try and do a Partial Switch, the pots try to go with it.

At least I have an answer eventually :slight_smile: