Partial switch?

I’ve just noticed Monzo don’t do partial switches only full switches, I want to switch all my direct debits to Monzo but don’t want the other account to be closed down - there’s no option for this?

I suppose id have to manually contact the companies and give them my Monzo details seems a little long winded :thinking:

Yep that’s what you’d have to do I’m afraid. They stopped doing partials a while ago.

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Ahhh! Gonna be a long fun night then :exploding_head::exploding_head: thanks!

If you do the switch via CASS and call your old bank they’ll keep it open.

Is that possible? Wouldn’t have any issues? I’m assuming my full account balance will move out as well?

Managed todo one DD myself Sky :white_check_mark: haha!

Yeah I’ve read that people have done that on the forum.

Thank you I’ll do it the long way lol! Then no issues :+1: thanks anyway