Partial switch, will it return?

Wondering if anyone knows when this will be back? Spoke to someone on customer services who said they had to disable this as they encountered some problems.

I opened a Monzo account recently and I’m keen to get it up and running, but I’m a bit nervous of completely closing my old account.

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Would you be willing to manually switch some direct debits? It’s more reliable than we found partial switches to be :ok_hand:


What I’d like to do is a full switch without closing the old account. I’m concerned that doing this manually will generate some errors (I’m dyslexic) and I don’t want to miss any payments.

Lots of other banks do a partial switch. Barclays, Starling - off the top of my head.

You don’t get any cover from the current account switching guarantee.

Once you’ve done a partial switch to a new account, you could then do a full switch from the new account to Monzo.

Pretty convoluted though!

There’s been no suggestion that partial switches are ever coming back so it’ll be safest to assume that you need to take control of your own destiny here.

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If you think you might struggle just write a list and cross them off one by one :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure a full switch results in account closure.


Yes, it does, which is why I’m enquiring about a partial switch. These are not a available at the moment.


I assume Monzo is only available as an app? Therefore copying and pasting is out of the question, which is a bit of shame for me.

I highly doubt partial CASS will be available again, at least in the current form in which the service allows it. It depends far too much on the merchants to be useful or relied upon.

Manually switching over DDs isn’t that bad. A lot of places allow it online or by phoning up. A handful will make you print/request forms to post.

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Odd really because i availed of a partial switch to monzo twice and found no issues before.

First was a tester with 2 direct debits if i remember correctly and second i moved a few more over (couldnt do full switch due to a 0% student overdraft)

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Just because it works once or twice isn’t an indication of universal success unfortunately. Others had a less than stellar experience.


I meant a pen and paper list.

Write down all your direct debits and standing orders that are setup with your current bank. Then phone each one up or go online and update the payment details to Monzo. You can then cross them off the list one by one so you won’t miss any :slight_smile:

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Yes, I could. But I have 17 DDs. That would take me a day or two phoning round. That’s a lot of effort to maybe have a better banking experience.

I’d love an official response from Monzo as to whether a partial switch will be offered again or not.

Oh yes i never stated otherwise.

Im sure there was a justified reason for the withdrawal.

I meant more if mine went through ok twice then there must have been more of a reason… was it certain banks or certain dd companies that had a higher rate of issues?

I think it was a good service and it would be worthwhile on monzos side to get to the bottom of this… more dds in a monzo account = more money for the company.

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I did way more than that and it honestly doesn’t take as long as you think. Most can be done online so that’s less than a couple of minutes each and only the odd one or two needed me to call. Even those weren’t too bad because you go through to the billing department which gets answered a lot quicker… Can’t think why :thinking: :rofl:

There has been no partial switch for as long as I can remember, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. In fact you could have probably switched over in the time you’ve been discussing all this here on the forums :wink:


I’ve switched nearly all of mine now and most have been painless.

The worst has been Barclays Partner Finance, you have to find your Agreement Number in the mound of paperwork they give you, go to their website and print off a DD Mandate form, hand-fill it in, sign it and the Post it to them. What a farce! Wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have 2 agreements with them!

All the rest have been online, or a very quick phone call (DVLA, GoCardless who let me do all on one call)

I moved 26 Direct Debits “manually” as I didn’t want my old account to be closed down at the end of it.

It was ok! As others have said most were easy to do online. Couple of random ones needed me to call them (DVLA, Denplan, MoreThan) and only one was an actual issue ( wont recognise my Monzo account the twerps).

Took about three to four hours admin total. I made a little spreadsheet and marked them as complete when Monzo notified me each one was live.

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I’ve done quite a few partial switches to Starling and they have all gone fine. A couple of merchants created a totally new DD with new reference number, but it all worked. Starling showed notifications for any that were a bit dodge.

The great thing with partial switches is that you can do one DD at a time if you want. I did my main account in several batches with my 3-4 most important DDs done manually…

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Thanks all. I have switched the majority of my DDs and yes it wasn’t quite as painful as I thought. Fingers crossed there are no hiccups.