Money not being paid a day early

Hi has anyone had any problems getting paid a day early this is the first time I have not got option to be paid early never had a problem before

Hi. Welcome.

You need to speak to your employer. Monzo shows you it, and then lets you have it a bit early, but they need to be given it themselves. Which hasn’t happened in this instance.

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When is the money actually due?

Wait until the money is due into your account, if it’s not there on that day, then you should speak to your employer first.

Many companies may switch payment methods, or indeed not have actioned them yet etc. :slight_smile: Monzo will show it, when it knows about it.

Are you certain your employee is paying you by BACS? If they use faster payments like mine does then the “get paid early” feature doesn’t work. ( something documented on Monzo’s website)

Every month 1 or 2 people say there is an issue but given the vast majority of the time it’s only one or two people it’s more than likely your employer is either using faster payment or hasn’t sent your payroll yet

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Thanks all for replying maybe my employer stopped using Bacs first time I had an issue ment to be paid tomorrow so will hold on and see then