Other Accounts - bugs

For detailing any bugs in the data presented via Other Accounts in Monzo Plus

HSBC - There appears to be a bug in the implementation of HSBC in Monzo Plus.

Descriptions and references are being truncated to 17 characters rather than the 18 of the data. The final character is missing.

NatWest - I initiated a transfer to my Monzo Joint Account. The Natwest app timed out to the log in screen (I was looking for my card reader as this was a new destination). After this, I’m unable to initiate any transfers to my Monzo personal or joint accounts. I get a message about having issues connecting and to try again later. However, I’m able to view / refresh the status and it doesn’t look like there are problems connecting to Natwest in general.

Things I’ve tried:

Reconnecting the Natwest account in the Monzo app.
Reinstalling the Natwest app.
Selecting personal account as a destination rather than joint account.
Waiting for a while before trying again.
Rebooting my phone.

If there is a timeout for this, would be good to know what it is so I can wait before trying again.

Copied from the main thread:

Update - it looks like in ‘Easy Bank Transfer’, Natwest is showing as experiencing connection issues so presume this is related to that.

The inability to create custom names for each ‘Other Account’ you add is quite annoying for me.

I have 3 Natwest accounts I actively use and when adding them to Monzo, they’re all named exactly the same. The only way to tell which one is which is by the amount of money in them, which obviously changes…

Not much of a bug but doesn’t seem like it’s possible to rename or otherwise identify an account. I have two accounts that show up as Halifax and Halifax.


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