Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

We’ve been working on a simpler way to move money into your Monzo account from other major UK banks. We’re calling it easy bank transfer, and it’s available in Monzo Labs for you to try and help us test!

We’re looking for your feedback to help us iron out any issues, and to make sure it’s ready to bring out to everyone in a couple of weeks.

@mycl and @kieranmch from the Open Banking team are here to answer any questions!


Transferred some cash from our :monzo: Joint Account to my HSBC account in the usual way.

Then used Easy Bank Transfer to transfer the cash back;

  • You can select which Monzo account to receive it (Personal/Joint - not sure about Business)
  • When I continued, the Monzo app opened my installed HSBC app and once I’d authenticated logging in to my HSBC app, a HSBC confirmation screen was shown regarding the transfer
  • Once I’d confirmed, the HSBC app closed and Monzo reopened - showing a screen informing it may take up to 24 hours for the receipt

5 seconds later, it was received.

Very, very slick. :+1:


NatWest throwing an error due to name mismatch:

I think this is because there’s an apostrophe in my name :frowning_face: but worked smoothly with Nationwide otherwise.


Great to hear!

It supports Business accounts too :wink:


Our team can ask Natwest about this directly, thanks for the screenshot!


First off this is awesome congrats on the Launch!

Work was already done on account aggregation via the connected cards feature . Was there a reason you chose to launch this use case first instead of revisiting that work?

Also I assume you no longer rely on TrueLayer :slight_smile:


Doesnt seem to acknowledge my Danske Bank account :frowning:

EDIT: For clarification i tried through the “other” flow and did a transfer and it still doesnt let me select it as an option

EDIT EDIT: I know they support open banking as i could potentially view a santander or ulster bank account for example in my Danske bank app if i had one of those accounts

@albertmonzo dankse bank a known issue?

Connected Cards only supported credit cards, it wasn’t really generic account aggregation and as you noted, it relied on TrueLayer. As we believe Open Banking will be a core part of the Monzo experience in the future, we chose to build this in house to have as much control as possible on the experience (and of course, save money).


Works perfect for me when transferring from a Halifax account that I only keep open for Cheque Imaging

Great Job

Is there possibilities in the future of being able to add a custom reference per transfer rather than the generated one?


This is very cool and seems to work very well so please don’t take this as criticism but it’s not much easier than going through the external banks app and transferring the money (if you already have Monzo set up as a payee).

Is there a possibility of the auth step not being needed after the first Easy Transfer in the future or is it required under open banking?


It’s awesome you brought it all in house!

Went to try it, but TSB not on the list?

We are working with them to make this happen. Unfortunately there’s an outstanding issue on the TSB API that’s taking longer than we expected to fix. Stay tuned!


Looks great. Sadly our other accounts are with Smile (Co-operative Bank) which doesn’t support open banking.

I posted this on the ‘New Feature’ thread but am not able to get NatWest transfers working. I initiate the request and go through the flow (a transfer is initiated with a transaction reference) but am redirected back to Monzo where I’m presented with the same ‘agree and continue’ screen. If I tap that, I’m redirected back to NatWest and receive the error shown.

Perhaps we could have a post which details the accounts/banks currently supported, as well as detail about any “in work” or “future”?


Does this implementation form a basis for a wider rollout of Open Banking - ie, replacing TrueLayer?


Interesting feature, not sure I can think of a good use case for it personally. Hope it’s useful for others though!


Unable to load T&Cs on the accept page, but can page prior. Will test it when I can.

I can view them on the earlier page

The logo’s of the (so far) supported banks are shown on the blog post;

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