Ulster Bank - Not appearing in other accounts


In the process of making the jump to make monzo my main bank from ulster bank but my Ulster bank credit card which i use im not able to add this via other accounts. RBS is there and i know they are related.

Is there something i can do to get this added or is ulster bank not supported?

Hi. Welcome.

Ulster Bank doesn’t support the Open Banking API, so there’s nothing you can do to add it. They are the same group, but very outdated in comparison

Please see below

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Ulster Bank does support the API, their account shows in other aggregators such as Emma and most of their backend technology is shared with NatWest and RBS (although not all).

It seems Monzo just don’t support them, probably because it would be too much effort for a small number of users.


PS: Monzo do add new providers quite regularly, so they may add Ulster Bank in the medium term.

Make sure you turn on “Test other accounts, in Monzo” in Monzo Labs (see settings) so you can add new providers as soon as they become available. That way, if Monzo do add them, you’ll be able to connect your accounts straight away.

Thanks for the response. That makes sense. I had it with Emma but preferred Monzo for reporting all my transactions. It’s a shame, would like to have all my data in one place. I have enabled the other account setting. Thank you for that!

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You’re welcome!

It should be fairly easy for Monzo to add Ulster as the API is standardised acrosss RBS and NatWest too, so hopefully they will eventually get around to it.