Introducing the new Monzo Plus

Up to £2,000, then nothing. So will depend on how much you hold in pots within Monzo.

The implementation looks great. It’s simple and easy to understand without lots of options to complicate things.

I do most of my day to day spending (apart from bills) from my joint account so will hold out for that at least. The value proposition doesn’t quite stack up for me yet… £60 a year, less £20 for the interest on £2000 means £40 for the other features. There are some neat things there (virtual cards and other bank transactions mostly) but I don’t think they are worth that money to me.

Feels like it needs one more thing of financial value to make it more broadly appealing… that could just be decent offers that I’d regularly use, like 1% off in supermarkets would cover it!


Connecting to a Capital One credit card causes the Capital One to crash so it can’t be added. Where is best to report this bug?

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I seem to have a bug where the name of the account isn’t displayed above the card after it loads (for Natwest). Or it does for a brief moment and then disappears.


Yeah, but then I thought about a recent conversation I had about supporting businesses challenging what I’ve hated (in this case in banking). So though £5 wasn’t a problem to show support.
The initial reaction was just disappointment due to lack of joint account support :frowning:


There’s a little bug with the connected accounts:

Video of the bug (YouteTube)

@tjvr The app tries to refresh and fails when it receives focus, the title of the account also disappears.

So far I’m happy with the features, however I think the potential of having virtual cards pay from pots would make the virtual cards far more appealing (with the bonus of Apple Pay).

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Are you on Android? Do you have the Revolut app installed?

Can you try uninstalling the Revolut app temporarily, please? (This is a fairly fascinating bug we’re investigating…)


Woah, the interest pays more than my savings pot :open_mouth:


This is a tremendous way of pushing out competition :wink:


Small touch but I love the Monzo designed cards for other banks :ok_hand:


Yeah, but you start at minus £5 :rofl:


I wouldn’t wish to have to put up with let’s say nationwides app with their account that pays interest if you pay in your salary with no fee.

I’m likely to keep my free account with it being my primary account for now.

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Did you edit this screenshot to hide the transaction details, or do we have a bug to fix? :smile:


Any chance Virgin Money can be added into the providers that accounts can be connected from?


Bug Report: Monzo Plus customers using other banking apps.

Fix: err, yeah delete the other banks, that’s right.

Can’t wait to hear how that specific but manifests!


Any chance Virgin Money can be added into the providers that accounts can be connected from?

Yes I would love for this - as this is my main credit card bank.


When splitting a transaction into two categories (so cool that I can do this in Monzo!!) the top category doesn’t have an arrow next to it but the bottom one does. It feels a bit off that the amounts aren’t aligned but that one is slightly more to the right because of the arrow. Obviously this is a very small nitpick and I’m not cancelling my plus membership because of it, bit would be nice to tweak it.

Edit: just gone back in and the second arrow has gone and it looks as I would expect it to - all lined up. :smiley: Guess I spoke too soon.

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Looking good, signed up! :grin:

Open Banking looks great! But unfortunately I can’t use it as my accounts are with Starling, Revolut, Amex BA, John Lewis Partnership Card.

:crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:Hopefully we see them one day @kieranmch


I edited the screenshot! All good on my end :smile:

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If I add my Lloyds account/credit card, can I then pay that credit card direct from Monzo?

(without a DD/SO)