Opening Monzo register link on Desktop leaves user on a page they can't interact with

Opening Monzo register link on Desktop leaves user on a page they can’t interact with
Details to reproduce:
When using the android app to register and you get the magic link email if you switch to using a laptop and access your email from a desktop then you can’t complete registration as are prompted to “Tap the button below on your mobile device to sign in to Monzo”. But some users a likely not to see this over the large blue CTA button titled “Launch Monzo” which does nothing on a desktop browser. Maybe it could be clearer here to the user to open their Monzo email in their inbox rather than asking them to tap the button below on their mobile device as they would need to navigate to this page via the email again to get to this page.

N/A (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6)
N/A (Desktop)
App Version:
Android 2.65.2 (Register triggered from app)

I think this is covered in the 4th section of this post;

Basically - do everything on your phone - don’t switch to a device which isn’t running the Monzo app.

Yes I agree though less tech savvy users might get unstuck here. Would be interesting to see how many clicks that button gets from desktop. That would give the developers info on if this is an issue or not and users are getting stuck.