Magic auth launch monzo button not working

(Eade Hemingway) #1

when trying to log in, i get the ‘magic’ email, I click on the link and it takes me to a page that has a ‘launch monzo’ button.
but when i try and click on this button it wont let me. nothing happens, its not clickable.
help please!

(Andre Borie) #2

iOS or Android?

Have you got the app installed?

Which browser are you using?

(Eade Hemingway) #3

iOS, i have the app installed on my iphone, and then i am opening my email on my computer in google chrome. but i also tried it in safari and the same thing happens

(Andre Borie) #4

You need to open the link on the phone directly.

(Eade Hemingway) #5

oh i see, ok i will try that now - thankyou !