App is not launching!

Hello Monzo Community,

It has been almost two weeks since my app doesn’t launch anymore :pensive:
I can enter my email and request a magic link, that I receive but when I press the magic button, isn’t launching.

Then I have tried all:

• delete and reinstall Monzo app
• restart phone
• deleting all the old magic link requested
• writing email to
(I understand that are very busy, still haven’t heard back)
• cannot chat because I cannot log in

Is there anything else I can try?

Best Wishes and a stay Safe

Hey. What email client do you use and what operating system (iOS/Android)?

A quick thing to try would be to long press the link in the email sent and choose Open in Browser if you can.


Run through the 4th section of this post for things to try;

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Thank you for your reply RedShift!
Somebody from the technical team is helping me out :clap:t2: