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Will Monzo ever bring online banking? I know there is a portal for emergency use but will there ever be a a full online banking portal where I can do everything I can do in the app?

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Been mentioned a good few times

Basically, they don’t seem to be bothered about it being one phone only/emergency web banking

EDIT: It’s on the US roadmap as an idea. Whether it get’s done, or even done then released to the UK too is completely up in the air

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Many didn’t think cheque imaging would ever come so you might one day get it.

Coming :soon:

In 2054

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I have asked them that before in support too. I still use Monzo but it would make them so much better. I don’t really like using my phone for important stuff unless im out and about.

Why have you chosen a mobile app bank then?


Its the best bank out there IMO except it doesn’t have a web interface. They can quite easily deliver a web version of their app. They actually have one but its very cut down.

There’s a lot more things that annoy me about traditional banks - hence the switch.

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Strange then that they have not. Must be the cosmic rays


The issue with having an online portal (for me) is that it increases the attack surface and complicates their security strategy by having to account for vastly different vectors of attack.

I’m quite happy for things to stay mobile only as it focuses development (rather than having split teams working on the same functionality across different platforms) and means security monitoring and response is equally focused and responsive.

As much as I’d LOVE an iPad version or similar, the benefits don’t outweigh the risks for me as a personal account holder. I can’t speak from a joint or business perspective though.

Edit: I believe there is some limited functionality available for business holders, although I have no clue what it includes. Hopefully it’s appropriately scoped in access.


Fair and valid.

But I don’t agree with the thesis that not having Web access makes Monzo more secure. If mostly every other bank offers it without major challenges it must be secure enough.

To me it’s more of a “we don’t want to put the effort in for the expected reward” decision, in my opinion.


A reasonable concern, but I believe both the Android and iOS apps use the same REST API calls under the hood as made available to customers, so, so long as the same calls are used by the website, it should not be too much of an issue

That said, there are certainly other areas more deserving of development eyeballs if there is a choice of where to direct effort

What other areas?

The app

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For this, I’d love the ‘polish’ week to be a polish month. There are still too many things partly done, which they never seem to go back too.

Or, since New Year, New Me and all of that, an iPad version (which would be super nice)

Having never been a developer, I keep interpreting this as Polish week, like on Bake Off where they could bake Polish delicacies.

Is it an Agile term?


It’s a term a lot of product teams use. The even more funny term some scrum teams might use is “Hardening sprint” (no sniggering at the back :eyes:)

Agile (or lean) would suggest never creating the additional work in the first place, and I’m sure there’s some focus on Technical Debt reduction somewhere, maybe that’s what this Polish week starts to push towards


Just to be slightly pedantic and irrelevant (as usual), Bake Off don’t do national weeks anymore.

There were some accusations of casual racism and inappropriate humour following Mexico week in 2022.

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