Monzo Web: Feedback Thread

A bank that lives on your smartphone is amazing, until you lose your phone.

That’s why we’ve launched Monzo Web. If you get stuck without your phone and Monzo card, you can now do the basics online with Monzo Web.


just tried this out and seems to have a few bugs

freeze card seems to work intermittently if at all
display not fully loading
account display not showing transaction list

on MacBook Air using safari -with iPhone 5s 2.2.0 #418


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Hey Ian! Thanks for posting.

I’ve renamed the thread title, and we’ll make this the official feedback and discussion thread.

I’ll forward the link to the team working on this :grinning:


I haven’t tried the freeze feature; however the interface is displaying perfectly in Chrome on the little Windows Embedded PC’s/till systems we use at work.


Some feedback:

  1. There’s no interim page that says “this is the real Monzo web access”. You get redirected to the API access approval thing immediately, with no clear way of identifying if the thing that’s asking for API access is real. If I type “” wrong and don’t notice, the URL becomes a big mess anyway, so I wouldn’t notice it being off if I wasn’t looking closely. Further to this, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to revoke access to an app or service on the Monzo side once you’ve approved it.

  2. The email with the magic link says “Tap the button below on your phone” which isn’t true for the web access, as you’re probably not on a phone, or at least on someone else’s. It’s a bit confusing. The same happens when logging into IFTTT. Might be worth tweaking the wording to include non-phones (at least for API access, rather than logging into the app itself).

  3. When you log out, you’re sent back to the approve app access screen. At the bottom of that page, clicking “Cancel and go back” keeps sending you back to the approve app screen forever.


Hi guys,

Love the new web emergency access! The simplicity is actually quite refreshing.

I noticed a small UI bug where the nav bar sits slightly off screen when scrolling down. For me, it doesn’t do that on the main Monzo website. Screenshot attached. Chrome 67 on Android 8.1.0.


I think the following would also be simple features worth adding:

  • A clear link to Web from the main site
  • Option to create and share a Monzo me links
  • Option to copy account info to clipboard

All of which would be really useful if using a desktop, and you need quick access to info to share.

Everyone: feel free to add your own feedback to this!

Thanks :blush:

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll get this fixed up for you :+1:

Just to clarify, did you see this when accessing the site from your phone, or on the Macbook Air?

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Ahhh I knew this would go up as I was writing! :sweat_smile:

Works really well! Froze my card and appeared in the app seconds later. Latest transactions are there and all formatted nicely for my Android phone.

Maybe a “balance as of <date/time>” would be good in case you haven’t refreshed the page for a while and are looking at stale figures.

Coin jar icon is missing on those entries in the list not that it makes much difference.


on the Macbook :slight_smile:

All working fine here… I kinda like the old school numbers.

Does it log out automatically?


Having just tried on a MBP - It works absolutely fine.

I’ll try again later to see if I have the issues you had.

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You can view your last fifty transactions on Monzo Web, please use your app to see your full transaction history or to perform other actions on your account.

This is poorly written. It should be two sentences.


This is great to see. Still think Monzo needs an iPad/tablet app. It’s still a mobile device, so not going into ‘online banking’ territory. But a mobile isn’t the best all the time - I like sorting out my banking on the sofa and having a bigger screen relaxing with my iPad would be much better than having my phone. I think there are others who agree.

It doesn’t need to do anything ‘new’, just what the current iPhone app does.


Loving Monzo Web. Just spotted a small inconsistency:

Once my card has been frozen, the button text changes to “unfreeze” on Web whereas in the app the term used is “defrost”.

Defrost sounds more “Monzo” to me, plus it’s nice to have the same wording across both the app and Web. :snowflake:


Coin jar does not show any associated logo / image :frowning:

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Little tiny typo at the bottom. Although maybe it’s deliberate, Wales is a nice place and deserves more mentions :grin:



I am sorry but as far as I am concerned I have to class this as a useless waste of time. The email associated with my account I can only access from my phone. Now my phone’s broke or I’ve left it at home or it’s stolen or just run out of battery. How do I get my magic link??


Nice addition but personally would like to do transfers from the web application. I often find when setting up a payment to a new contact that a phone screen is too small and fiddly (have a 6s+) and often worry about inputting incorrect details which wouldn’t be an issue on the web application :).

This isn’t so much of a problem once you’ve made the first payment to someone though.


Doesn’t seem to work in Microsoft Edge or IE11. Intentional?