Web / Online Banking 5

(Thomas Horne) #1

Hi, I was wondering if Monzo will eventually be building a web portal to check and view our accounts. I doubt I would use it regularly as the app is the best of any bank I’ve ever used; but being a long time Android user before buying an iPhone I know it can sometimes be a challenge to write apps that work without bugs on all devices.

I like the idea of having a web version as a backup as well in case say I lose or break my phone.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hi, this was Tom’s response when he was asked about this -

When other members of the Monzo team have been asked about this more recently, apparently they’ve said that this isn’t being worked on at the moment.

There’s 3 main ways to contact Monzo at the moment - through the in-app chat, by email (help@monzo.com) & by phone (using the number on the back of your card. So obviously if you have access to the internet (which you’d need for the portal), you’d be able to send an email. Having said that, even if Monzo don’t build a ‘full’ online banking site, I expect they’ll add a way to report lost / stolen cards on the site in the future…

(Thomas Horne) #3

Sounds good, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

(Peter Johnstone) #4

I’d definitely love to see a web portal for Monzo! Although I guess as we (inevitably) see Android apps coming to Chrome and Apple building out iOS into a desktop operating system, there will be ways to access Monzo on a desktop without building out a specific web client for the service…