Web version of your account

Are there any plans / discussions had about having an online version of your account?

With other banks I’ve generally just used the app to check my balance and skim through transactions but I’ve always done everything else using their online banking website.

I like the idea of having a much larger screen to view my account details, it being easier to switch tabs, copy, compare, export , search and send details should I need to. More importantly I feel more secure using my computer for this kind of thing compared to my phone due to all the protection I have installed etc.

I’m not sure what other peoples thoughts are on this or even if it is a possibility? :thinking:


http://web.monzo.com - like that? :see_no_evil:


If you’ve lost your phone, or there’s any other reason you can’t get into your Monzo app, log in here to see a stripped-back version of your account.

Nope :face_with_monocle:

At this time we don’t intend our web portal to be anything other than that - we’re app based and that’s where we focus our efforts.

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That’s strange…
Last time I used Nationwide online banking just to set up regular payment to my Monzo account…
Mobile banking is ways better… for me

Does Nationwide still use those key pad things you insert your card into? I do not miss those things!

It does.

You can log in without it as long as you have a good memory, so I need it. Although, to be fair, I can do nearly everything in the app.

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I think online modes are really good for doing any form of detailed review of anything bank related. Switching between Bank / Budget / Spreadsheets (etc) is far easier when on a desktop really.

If I’m balancing my budget, or reviewing statements, etc, with Traditional Bank it’s really effective doing that on a web based interface.

With Monzo it would generally mean exporting data or statements first, so a few extra steps.