Monzo needs to be accessible in a Web-Based Format

(James Prince) #1

As it has sparked a lot of interest on a previous thread I believe that it needs to be highlighted so that members of the Monzo team can identify the request.

I do feel that being able to access Monzo on a web-based format as-well as the app is beneficial. Firstly, it allows users who may loose their phone the ability to continue having access to the bank. Secondly, I think that it would attract more of the older generation who would be more open to online banking on the web rather than by app, the second advantage is my own personal opinion after asking older members of my family and their friends.

(Nathan Steer) #2

I have seen you bring this up a few times now, and while I appreciate your point of view, I don’t personally feel it is necessary for Monzo to provide a web based format. At least, not a fully featured offering. I’m fine with an emergency web based offering to provide the basic banking services for the case of a lost or stolen phone, or something like that.

I would very much be in favour of them extending the current apps to officially support tablets though (and perhaps release onto the Amazon App Store to cater for lower cost tablets).

This is only from personal experience and therefore is not representative of anything, but among my family and friends I don’t know anyone that actually uses their banks web based banking, most use the mobile or tablet apps. The rest prefer to do their banking in a branch and therefore no matter what Monzo did, they couldn’t cater to them.

(Charlie) #3

Agreed, my family either use mobile apps or no online banking at all. In fact, I recall a few family members and friends being frustrated at the Natwest app that forces you to use their web service to add payees if you want to send them more than £250. I presume that is a security feature but still it’s a pain.

I don’t think it would negatively affect Monzo if they decided to add more features to their web platform but at the same time, I don’t think it would negatively affect them doing nothing either. I also believe they would have to implement a lot more security features if they decided to add features like: paying people, etc.

#4 exists for emergencies.

(Herp Derp) #5

I have online banking with Metrobank and when the app came out I never logged in again, the same with my Emirates NBD account, I have never logged in to that either as I use the app.

I see no need for a web based system.


You can send more than £250 in the Natwest/RBS app, but as long as you have sent money to that contact before using the website.


I’m not sure about a fully featured web app but I would like to be able to do transfers via with web app. E.g. I’ve lost my phone but still need to transfer money, currently with Monzo i’d have to download the app on a friends phone etc.

I think the web app could be a bit more fleshed out but again, perhaps not a fully featured thing

(MikeF) #8

I agree that you want them to. I don’t agree that they need to at this point (although it’s possible that that day may arrive at some point in the future).

(Nathan) #9

Im kind of stuck in two minds with this one.

Lucky enough to not have ever lost my fone for as long as ive been a monzo customer (touch wood).

I’ll admit that other than the initial login when it first launched ive never used the web ui version, what features are missing from it at present? If i did lose my fone i wouldnt like to think id be unable to do something i urgently need to do banking wise but the more features added to the web is less time spent on improving the apps

(MikeF) #10

The emergency web interface allows you to freeze your card and order a new one (from memory). Nothing more.

(Nathan Steer) #11

From the login page of the link provided above


Never had to use the emergency web version thankfully, but would be a tad concerned if I was a #FullMonzo user and couldn’t make an emergency transfer of funds to a nominated account until my card arrived, or even a ‘Natwest-esque’ emergency cashpoint withdrawal via some sort of one time code.

I have credit cards, so could survive, but I feel there is a potential risk to #FullMonzo users who have closed their legacy accounts and don’t use credit. (That demographic may be small, I wouldn’t know where to start).

(Nathan) #13

Thanks for that!

That is quite basic then but i suppose security would need to be beefed up if any other functionality was to be added :thinking: tricky, personally i think we should be able to execute transfers from the web ui

(MikeF) #14

I’m confused as to why using the emergency web interface relates to waiting for a card to arrive? The circumstances here are ‘loss of phone’ related more than ‘loss of card’ I’d have thought?

(James Murray-Ferris) #15

What they definitely need to do is allow it to support Joint accounts!


Hi @Feathers :wave:

I should have been more specific. If I lose my phone, I’m cancelling my card and ordering a replacement, end of. I wouldn’t take the risk of somebody using the contactless facility in GPay.

Therefore in my mind losing my phone automatically leads to ordering a new card, which then puts me in the ‘waiting’ scenario.


Freezing your card in the web app freezes the GPay/Apple Pay card too, though


My point exactly. I would want to freeze the card for this exact purpose, as I have lost my phone. My account is then unusable until a replacement card arrives.

(James Murray-Ferris) #19

Why wouldn’t you just go onto or Google’s alternative and just de-authorise the phone instead from having Apple Pay/gPay


But why are you getting a replacement card if you’ve lost your phone?

  • Lose phone
  • Freeze card
  • Remove card from GPay device
  • Unfreeze card