Online banking and phone app

I love the monzo app but at times I also like to see my banking on my macbook. I am aware monzo do an emergency online login but is there anything in the pipeline for a full on online banking ?

For business accounts, yes. For current accounts, no.

Other than “we agree it would be nice to do at some point” there are no plans.

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It’s one of the most popular community requests. You can vote here


I am new to the community. How do you vote ?

Tap the link in my previous post and you should see a vote button at the top of the page.

Voting is available on all threads in the Feedback & Ideas section (including this one, but it’s best to add votes to established threads)

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Welcome to the forum Chris.

Thanks. Its actually quite nice for a banking app to offer this

There are hints in the app that this may be in development, since October 2020:
(check out the graphic assets at the end of the post)


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