"Online Account Checker" Fails to Recognise Monzo Account

I’m expecting the proceeds from a house sale to be transferred to my Monzo account today. Half an hour ago I got an email from the solicitors who are dealing with it, saying:

We have run an account checker on your bank details to send the consideration across today however it has shown as unable to check.

They’ve called me to double-check the details and I’ve confirmed them, so the transfer is going ahead. But I was surprised that there are still online account checker systems that fail to recognise Monzo’s details.

Does anyone know what system they might be using?



Interesting. I didn’t have any issues with transfer of funds into my Monzo for the same reason but my solicitors asked for a screenshot of the account details page from within the app as confirmation.

Some credit agencies e.g. Experian do not report monzo accounts for some reason.

That is incorrect. Experian do report Monzo accounts :slight_smile:

If you can find more detail on what credit checker they use, you can fire over a quick email to acceptance@monzo.com who should be able to take it from there :sunglasses:

Thanks. I’ll do that.

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Ah must have changed recently

Fairly recent. It’s almost 4 months ago, the date is in the article I linked to :wink:

I do recall some people saying that they’ve not seen Monzo on their report yet so perhaps it take a while for all systems to update :man_shrugging:

They do report, but the accounts aren’t showing (for me) on the Experian credit report. How Experian currently are able to use the Monzo data is perhaps unclear

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