Bank Transfers not going through

Hi - this week I was waiting for a bank transfer from a company. Three times they tried to transfer into my monzo account and three times their bank (Barclays) stopped it as possible fraud.
I have another account (not monzo), which I asked them to try…I received the payment within 2 minutes!
Not sure if anyone else has experienced this and Monzo might want to look into it.
I could not flag as a problem before as I needed the TRN, which I could not get as Barclays stopped it.

How do you know Barclays stopped it for the reason it was possible fraud?

If Barclays stopped it internally, I don’t see Monzo having any ability to “look into it” in any way.


Ask Barclays why they suspected fraud. They’re the ones stopping you moving the money not Monzo.

I wonder if it’s the “confirmation of payee” name check that was making it fail. In my opinion, that system is flawed because names can have variations (accents, Unicode characters that legacy systems don’t support, dashes, etc) and those can trip the system and overall undermine confidence in it (which then gives fraudsters reasonable excuses to make their victims bypass the system even when it is working as intended).


Which is what I said - I flagged it with monzo, as thought they should be aware.

The company told me - I have asked them if they could find out the reason why…

Have you notified Monzo, if you want them to be aware? This is a customer forum so no guarantee that any Monzo staffer will see your post.

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Sounds like Barclays’s problem to me. It’s not as if Barclays doesn’t know Monzo exists…

I think there’s a good chance it was a warning based on this. Does the name on your Monzo account match the name the company has on file for you?

If the company aren’t much help, do you have a friend who can send you 1p from a Barclays account to see whether it goes through?

Gotta love the amount of “first time posters” that are on this forum who always have a problem Monzo has caused?!?

Is someone out there paying people to undermine Monzo or something?


Wow - Thanks for schooling me in such a nice welcoming way…as a first time user, not sure I will come back.

Some of the comments on here - get over yourselves!
I was only trying to highlight something that might be a problem…so sorry it was not done in the right way. I was not as you implied trying to discredit monzo.


Thank you - I now have.

I’ve Barclays account they don’t block me sending money to monzo

I’m not getting at you personally, but as an example This was posted just yesterday… these types of post happen on an almost daily basis, if not every day.

Its amazing how many people seem to have issues with Monzo, but for some magical reason whenever a 3rd bank is involved the problem mysteriously goes away

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Name checking seems to me to be a disaster waiting to happen. There is no algorithm that can compare similarity of two names with all possible variations…it’s just not possible (see ‘falsehoods programmers believe about names’). So flagging up differences as ‘fraud’ or anything like that is just wrong - the best you can say is ‘check the name is correct’ and let the human decide.

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You can still skip it though can’t you? You just have to accept that it doesn’t match?

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Is there a way for Discourse to auto block first-time posters who use the word “fraud”. Because it’s happening far too often.

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As others have said how do you know it was flagged as fraud?
A bank usually wouldn’t divulge this information due to money laundering guidelines.
Did they get the account name & also sort code correct?
These 2 factors are more likely to prevent a bank transfer than ‘fraud’.

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If the name is close, but not quite correct then it should show you what the actual recipients name is so you can make a decision as to whether it’s safe to send it or not.