Barclays Mortgage not recognising accounts

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I’m in the process of applying for a mortgage with Barclays through an intermediary. My intermediary is entering our Monzo account details onto the system and has them down correctly (we’ve treble checked). However Barclays aren’t recognising it as an account.

Is this a problem anybody else has faced?

You’ll need to get in touch with

It’ll be down to the intermediary system not having an up to date database of sort codes.


Thank you - I will do this. It’s a large intermediary (London and Country) so I’m surprised they’re not up to date.

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Let us know what happens

Sounds like a similar issue to this: TSB will not pay loan in to Monzo account

Interestingly, I’ve now been informed by London & Country that they’ve spoken to Barclays over the phone and been told they don’t accept Monzo current accounts currently.

Anybody understand why? Has anybody got a Barclays mortgage with Monzo?

Definitely email although they can’t force Barclays to do anything. If it were a card payment, then MasterCard rules apply, but obviously this is not.

The team that @Sam87 mentioned above will look into it and hopefully they can sort it :point_up:

If they’ve spoken over the phone, sometimes it’s the customer service representative having outdated knowledge in thinking that Monzo is not a proper bank, like in their early days when they just offered pre-paid cards. When in fact they now have a full banking licence.

Same issue. My broker tells me that Barclays won’t accept our Monzo account.

Hi Adam,

Did this ever get resolved in the end?

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