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Hi, I am writing in regards to my Monzo account and switching to Monzo from Lloyds.
I have been waiting about a week now for the money to be available and have been told on the phone by a customer support person that the money is there and available but when i asked them to transfer the money to a specific account they stated unfortunately this is not available as of yet.
I then am now finding out that my money is not there (available for transfer) and i need this money, is there a specific timescale for this to be resolved, i have went through fraud checks already as it was £1400 i sent over from my other account.
With no help coming in from anyone and being due money out i am unsure of how to go further, hopefully someone here can give me a better understanding of the issues i face.


We are just customers like you and so we cannot offer specific advice.

If you have transferred to Monzo from Lloyds via CASS then it will show in your Monzo app when the transfer has completed. From memory this takes a week to happen. If it is not showing in your Monzo app then the money has not yet been received, Monzo will show it as soon as it arrives.

You cannot ask a Monzo support person to transfer money about for you, this must be done by you in the app.

Hope that helps.

Ok, i appreciate the quick response.

The monzo app is not letting me in anymore, it is now stating that they are “verifying” my identity still yet i was able to log in previously but of course there was £0 showing in the balance.

Ok, i am sure it has been a week, maybe tomorrow will be the week. I would have to check that and see exactly when the transfer was put in.

That’s what i don’t understand though, the person on the phone told me that they could see my money there and it was “available” but now, i cant even log in to my app it just keeps stating that i need to “verify” again, due to my ID being expired, which did not happen the first time unless they missed it the first time round.

I thought phoning Monzo and asking them to transfer money would be possible, they are a bank like others are they not, just like i would phone my normal bank and ask them to send money to an account i assume this is the same with Monzo.

Apologies for the questions but like i say i need this money and there always seems to be an issue when i phone them.
Am i best waiting until tomorrow and then if nothing works phone support as that will of been the week for sure.

It’s been a long time since I created my account, but if you were verified when you created the account you shouldn’t suddenly become unverified when your ID expires. That’s very odd.

Are you sure you have used the correct email to login with? People with multiple emails sometimes report that using the wrong email takes them into the signing-up flow, rather than the logging-in flow, so they get stuck in a position where it looks like they are in limbo. You can tell if this happens because if you login you just need to click a link in an email, but if you are creating a new account it will ask you questions.

With traditional banks you would have set up phone banking passwords and so on, but Monzo don’t do this. They keep all security checking via the app, in fact everything ideally should be happening via the app.

So, they may be right when they say there is money in the account, but they cannot manipulate that money on your behalf because you could be anyone.

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Appreciate the fast response.
Yes the only email i have is my main email so unsure what is going on.
No, my ID was expired when i submitted it to open my account in the first place i am thinking they missed the date which would be very unprofessional on there part and opened the account but then noticing this error they have closed and told me to re submit ID in date.
I will need to try phone support once again as this is now being told one thing and then turns out to be wrong information which then is leading me into debt and being owed out money.
Thank you for your fast response though