Auto-Verifying bank account with third parties

I know that this has been covered before (I found a thread from 2018) but I am still finding it quite an issue - I cannot get my Monzo account verified anywhere else and I am constantly having to provide statements and chase up. Investment accounts and P2P are where I am having issues at the moment.

From the 2018 thread it appeared that Monzo weren’t supplying Equifax credit agency with information. I worry that this could also be affecting my credit rating if my name/address/banking activity are not being tracked properly.

Anyone know any more about this? Can/should Monzo be supplying information to all the credit agencies if they are to be taken seriously #fullmonzo?


Monzo are now reporting Experian as well as Transunion, there are no plans to report to Equifax yet.

You can read more in their recent announcement here:


Monzo are reporting to Experian now (they’ve been reporting to transu ion, formally known as callcredit for some time). Equifax is one of the lesser used agencies, far from all banks report to all 3

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Ah thanks. My problems have all been in the past couple of weeks and the article does say it could take a couple of months (from Jan) for Experian to be properly onboard. I hope that this fixes things.

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Hopefully it should be anytime now, I believe that Experian are one of the bigger ones so it should certainly help :crossed_fingers:

Another issue you might have with verifying a Monzo account is that not everyone updated the list of valid sortcodes as often as they should, this is less of an issue for a bank branch that’s been there 20 or 30 years. I believe Monzo have a team which tries to engage with such firms to try and get things working

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