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This looks really good, I use something called Cleo. At the moment but its not so much household finance based, this is great how it integrates the actual contracts into a single app. I hope all providers support this and it will do well… allowing easy tarrif switching may even drive price down for the customer and improve competition!

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I’m in no way affiliated with Onedox but I believe the video states “later this year” for the Open Banking implementation.

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Has anyone used Onedox for its existing features? What do you think of it?

There’s a closed thread on here about it but most comments seen to be based on initial impressions rather than sustained use.

I’ve recommended it to a few people now and it has helped them. Recommended to someone yesterday and it reminded them that their car needed an MOT, so already had a positive within a few minutes. He then proceeded to add all the rest of his accounts :smiley:

All-in-all I’ve got a handful of other people to give it a try :slight_smile:

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Thanks. How long have you been using it?

I’d say almost a year now. My parents how been using it about six months and it helped them find cheaper energy suppliers. They didn’t switch via Onedox, but it helped them get all the info together they could use to go and compare manually themselves etc.

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I’ve been using OneDox for a while now, it was better than Wonderbill.

It’s a great easy way to see all your outgoings and bills in one place, with the attached invoices if needed. It’s got everything from Netflix to my TV licence.

It’s easy to see if a particular bill is starting to cause concern. Highly recommened. image


That other thread mentioned an integration with Monzo - did that ever come off?

As this thread is closed, posting here which is kinda relevant.

OneDox is crowdfunding at the moment. From an update email:

we see banking and utility data being brought together in two ways that will provide major benefit to consumers:

  1. Within our own app;
  2. Within large third party banking and financial management apps (e.g. where we provide utility data via an API, to partners)

For details and a video showing how banking and utility data will come together within Onedox, please check out our open banking page and video.

Regarding the second opportunity, the first customer for our new API will be a challenger bank (details to be announced soon), with another financial service organisation to follow. We’ll also be releasing full details of our API shortly.

Emphasis mine.

Sounds interesting. It’s gonna be Monzo or Starling, surely?

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Disappointely I just received this email from Onedox:

As someone who initially signed up for the Onedox + Monzo beta, I wanted to reach out to you with a final update on its status.
As you may have assumed in the absence of progress and communication, the project to incorporate Onedox into the Monzo mobile app has unfortunately not developed beyond a limited beta trial. Whilst Monzo have made significant developments to their API offerings (including IFTTT), our use case is not supported at scale :frowning:
We had high hopes for a fun and useful collaboration where your bills from Onedox nestled beside Monzo transactions within your Monzo app, but unfortunately this does not appear viable in the short term.
Since expressing your interest in a Onedox and Monzo integration, the team has been very busy making major improvements to Onedox in other areas, with a new Google Assistant integration hot on the heels of a revamp that enables customers to see contract end dates for household utilities, at a glance. We still see banking and utility data as being made for one another and hope to find future ways of bringing them together. We also anticipate announcing other partnerships in the coming weeks and months.


Oh dear - I was looking forward to that!


This is disappointing news. Their crowdfund seems a little sluggish, too. Had high hopes for Onedox.

Is this something that could still happen in the future?

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I honestly thought this would be perfect for Monzo. Perhaps they are planning something similar…

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All this sort of functionality seems a natural extension of an AI-enabled, modern bank account. I’m hoping Monzo-, over time, will be able to help their customers be more informed savers and spenders.

I’m considering withdrawing my investment. Not sure how to do this though!


I haven’t been following what’s been happening with this, but I’ll try and get some more context from our partnerships team as to what happened here.