Onedox - a Bill Management Integration for Monzo

I just spotted a tweet from Crowdcube about this integration, which was announced yesterday, between Onedox & Monzo.

Onedox enables users to:

  • Access household bills in the Monzo app
  • See the underlying data for that bill & access the bill through an attachment
  • Notifies you when the contract for the product / service is about to expire
  • Gives you insights into the supplier & enables you to compare your contract with other tariffs & suppliers

Here’s the demo video -

& you can register to test the integration here


Just came across this to looks good, I just invested in onedox on crowdcube.

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If this is the future then I am excited! Things like this excite me.


Just had the email from Onedox to announce this…

I am now an investor in both and am looking forward to trying out this feature when I get my Monzo current account!

I didn’t bother with it as while it supports something called DropBox it does not support industry standard OneDrive!

I made a nominal investment because it looked interesting. Had I known of the Monzo integration I probably would have invested more! It’s a shame the pitch is now closed.

@anon44204028 Onedox supports delivery of documents to Dropbox and Google Drive today as well as via email. We’ve prioritised the most requested storage providers and I have added your vote to the product roadmap!

@HoddzDJ We’re very much excited about the future of this too! :+1:


I had a look and there is no Sky or water companies on there.

If it’s for bills etc then I’d like to see Amazon Prime, and things like Microsoft, Apple, domains and hosting etc.

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Hi. David from Onedox here. The service currently supports just over 40 suppliers across energy, mobile, home media (TV, music streaming, Internet and landline), as well as DVLA car and tax information, and we’re adding more quickly. @anon72173902 , Sky is on the roadmap, as are water, council tax and insurance. Interesting feedback on domain and hosting providers too - thanks!
If there’s anything else you’d like to see in there (and therefore within Monzo), please let us know. You can see the current roadmap here.

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Good too hear.

Would you look at pay as you go mobiles as well as that is a bill too?

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That’s on the roadmap :wink:


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@anon72173902 yes, we already support pay as you go mobiles and pay monthly. @alexs Vodafone support relates to the fact they mandated two factor authentication for all of their customers, so we need to redesign our integration to support the user journey. Along with Sky, that’s top of our list of priorities and easier to resource now we’ve completed our first external funding round.

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I entered my Three mobile account and it failed though and that is PAYG…

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Hi @anon72173902. Please could you send me a message from within your Onedox account or an email to and we can figure out what’s happening? Thanks!

Hi @davidsheridan it’s ok now, I tried it again earlier and it logs in fine. Must have just been an off day :eyes:


Actually I did E-Mail you guys about British Gas being wrong, saying my bills are 3 times what they are. Did you see that?


Hi @anon72173902. Glad Three is working for you. Regarding British Gas, please can you email so I can investigate?

no worries will do it shortly


i guess this will be a lot more useful once the full current accounts are available

I have signed up for their service and I quite like it. I can’t test the Monzo integration as I’m exclusively using my current account now (sorry, not trying to tease anyone lol) but it seems like an interesting service and a good team.

I’ve integrated my Virgin Media, EE and Octopus Energy accounts to it and everything seems to be working well. It’s nice to have an instant view of my utility bills through the app rather than having to log-in to all the services separately, which I never end up doing. Would be nice to get Vodafone on there, although it does say that’s coming soon.


Hey Danny,

This probably isn’t the best place to get support with using Onedox. But they do have Intercom on their site :tada: so I’d recommend contacting them directly using that.