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Hi, I know this has probably been asked before but how many of you use money dashboard? I really liked the look of it but I am unsure on the privacy/data side of things. I’m loving monzo plus but would love to be able to categorise my other accounts/ add offline accounts like ISA’s etc.
Thanks, Tom.


I tried it for a while - but it only supported a small number of my accounts. This was a while ago, and I’ve seen the same issue with Yolt, Emma, etc too. I ended up not using them because they just gave me an inaccurate picture.

I’m hopeful that with open banking picking up steam this may change, my ideal scenario would be everything in Monzo

  • Monzo current acount
  • Backup current account
  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Chip savings
  • Freetrade ISA

Not all of these are supporting open-banking as far as I know sadly :frowning:


Money Dashboard is regulated by the FCA to act as a third party provider of account information services and connect to your bank accounts by open banking. Read up on account information service providers (AISP) and open banking. If you are comfortable with these concepts there’s no reason to be concerned with Money Dashboard specifically as they are regulated to provide these services.

I don’t use Money Dashboard myself (nothing to do with privacy/security) but I use a different aggregator (Emma).


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: do you pay for Emma pro?

I do, but only because it was on offer a few months back for £15 for a year.
Not sure if I would for full price (£42/year).

Oh right I see :blush: it’s on offer again for £29 which I’m considering :+1:t2:

I’m pretty sure I would for £29.

Up to £2/month is the price I’d pay without much consideration for this type of service, and £29/year is only slightly above that.

They sell data to hedge funds and other companies in the financial industry. Personally, it’s a no go :no_good_man:

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I do wish Monzo would shamelessly rip off MD’s Planner feature. It’s all I use MD for and I find it extremely useful.

If they don’t port it to (or make a new version for) Neon then I’ll bin it.

What is the planner feature?

It was mentioned by a MD user on Emma’s community but I didn’t really understand the explanation

Put simply, it allows you to enter all your regular payments and income and it plots it all on a graph over time for you. It can plot all your linked accounts, and can even separate out into monzo pots.

One big example of how it’s very useful to me is that I get paid weekly but most of my bills are monthly – and so the Planner allows me to see the future balance over time of my Bills pot and make sure I’m putting in enough each payday (because some months have five paydays, some have four), like so:

(The real graph obviously has values on the axes but I don’t want anyone banging on about how much i’m paying for car insurance – also you can mouse over each of the graph points to see the transactions and balance of that day)

It also allows me to enter a theoretical transaction – for example if I was thinking of buying something that would have a noticeable impact on my money – and clearly see how much this thing I probably don’t need would ruin my finances.

I’m very aware all this could be done using Excel/Sheets but frankly I can’t be arsed – plus this thing is aware of the current balance in all my accounts and pots so I don’t have to manually enter any starting balances each time I delve into it.


I use it - I think it’s great.

If it’s free because they sell user data to hedge funds - no problem at all.

Anonymised user data

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Yes that looks very useful

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