Tom on the OnDesign Podcast 📻

Last week, my colleague Stuart had the privilege of speaking to @tom for our podcast, OnDesign. Thanks for your time Tom!

Stuart and I are big Monzo fans, so hope you don’t mind the shameless plug of this episode! It’s a fascinating listen. If you get chance to listen on your commute, I’d love to know what you think.

You can listen on Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes :headphones:


Great interview! :smile:

It was nice to hear Tom mention the fact that Monzo likes to hire members of this community (:wave: @richardr) & that he’d like to build this community into the app, to bring more users into the discussion & make it more visible :heart_eyes:

Also Tom mentions (at 29:18) that they’re currently trialing mortgages & transportation products / integrations :eyes: as well as utilities which is presumably the Onedox integration -


Thanks for listening @alexs. Yeah that was interesting. It seems like a sensible way to build a team who are all working to the same vision.

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