Features like Cleo (A money management AI)

(joss) #1

I’ve just been check our Cleo.

They some really cool features! Firstly it would be great to use Monzo with it.

But also some of the features could probably be built in. Like the automatic saving feature or warning about going overdrawn.


I feel like those chat interfaces are a big downgrade compared to the proper UIs we have like the Monzo app. What does this have that the Monzo app doesn’t? And how smart is this “AI”? (from experience any “AI” I used ended up being a disappointment)

(joss) #3

I’m not suggesting the AI side.

It’s has two quite interesting offers.

  1. Automatic saving - analysing spending and being able to see if it’s likely money can be saved then doing it automatically

  2. Advance warnings of overdraft - by seeing historical trends are you likely to hit your overdraft. If you are, get a notification.

(MikeF) #4

On point 2, I think (hope) that with the way the pulse is going to develop, accounting for regular payments etc, then this is what we’re going to see.