Open Banking in Monzo

Hi, Been using Monzo a year now and overall loving the service. I’m sure there is already a topic regarding this but just wanted to add my next “must have feature” for Monzo.

I’m currently using a third party app to track my credit card and other accounts etc. And would love if Monzo (as a budget app) can implement the use of open banking so I can see everything under “one roof” and also use the budget feature and analytical data across all my financial services that Monzo provides.


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:eyes: keep your eyes peeled I would say over the next month

If it comes, I wouldn’t expect it to be free since the work involved is not insignificant. I’d like to be wrong though. :smile:

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Some users have CC access from various providers so I would think it should be announced :soon: if it is being rolled out (although it may be a + feature when that appears). I’d like all my accounts in one place too.

Yeah also if its simply just showing me a balance then i will 100% not pay for it.

Will need to allow me to make payments from that account, include those transactions/outgoings in my budgetand dare i say it also allow me to get notifications when payments are made etc.

My Legacy bank allows me to see my other accounts now for free so expecting more from monzo

I’m actually not “expecting” anything but then I’m reconciled to it having a price tag so I won’t get to use it.

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Android stings suggests it’ll show transactions :slight_smile:

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Yeah thats a start but id hope that you could then subsequently categorise those transactions and have them included in my summary/budget.

I’m sure we will find out in a matter of weeks though


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