OF Withdrawal help

Hello i created a OnlyFans just before Christmas and I cashedout $18,500 leaving $216.72 in my Onlyfans balance and I haven’t received it. I’m from England but since the site is USA based it withdrew in dollars, is this the reason I haven’t received it? The cash out was on 28/02/2021 Thanks

More than my yearly wage in 2 months… this makes me wanna simp

How did you withdraw it? To your card or bank account number? Have you double checked your details?

I think you’d need to speak to OnlyFans as Monzo can’t do anything until it reaches them.

This is monzo support isn’t it?

It was made to the bank account I have with you. It said it was processed on 03/03/2021

nope this is monzo community forum …only customers like yourself here


Monzo will close your account for using OnlyFans. Just FYI.

OF cannot have paid you in dollars. Monzo will show you the money when they have it.

You need to chase it up with OF.

What about if you’re paying to OF :eyes:

I’m curious the reasoning

I haven’t done anything wrong I’m over 19 so I’m above the correct age limit to have content and a bank account

The whole site is in dollars and when you enter the cash out amount it’s in dollars so I’m assuming they’re paying me in dollars

I think you would need a Monzo business account as you may be breaching the T&Cs by using a personal account for business use.

You can contact Monzo in the app, by going to the help section and searching “contact us”.

Good luck.

Monzo doesn’t accept dollars.

Your age is irrelevant. OF means you need a business account and Monzo business doesn’t accept this “type” of business.

You need to ask OF where your money is, not Monzo.

I’m self employed and it’s all profits not a business so technically my monthly wage. Does it still need to be a business account?

Thanks I’ll contact them now

Regardless of the it breaks T&C’s or not, if the payment hits Monzo then they’d process it and then it would land in your bank.

You’ll have to chase it up with OF as until Monzo can see the payment they can’t do anything about it.

I’m not 100% certain but the best way to sort this out will be to speak to Monzo in the app and also speak to OF to see if they have sent the payment/check the details it was sent to.

OF is a business and Monzo don’t allow it.

I got monzo just before it for this reason since OF suggests to use monzo as it supports fast payments and a few other girls on Reddit suggested monzo as it works for them

That’s strange considering they pay in dollars which Monzo doesn’t accept

Have they said that they don’t support adult entertainment businesses? It has “dating services” on the list of excluded businesses but OF isn’t dating

No they haven’t.
Only dating services which is essentially escorting which I don’t think OP is using it for that.

They keep closing accounts of people that do it

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