Can't withdraw from Paypal


So I have linked my Monzo account with Paypal, took a few goes but finally managed it, but now I can’t withdraw.

When I go to withdraw on Paypal and select the amount and which account, it then asks me to go to the classic site and provide more information. So I click the link and it shows me the Direct Debit page, which stupidly asks me the exact same questions as before, there’s no new information asked for. So I fill it out again and click withdraw. I see the loading icon appear then nothing happens.

I have messaged Paypal many times and heard nothing apart from the generic response of hsowing m the page in the help section about how to withdraw, which doesn’t help me at all.

I am stuck in Bali and all my money is in Paypal, which is where I get paid. I currently have about 20 pounds left to spend which will last me about a day, maybe 2.

I just want my money haha

When you setup to withdraw via PayPal, did PayPal send you a transaction of a penny with an auth code to your monzo bank account?

Yes they did

Not 100% sure if this would help, but if it’s urgent and you have android, you could try adding your PayPal account to Google Pay on your device (

Then send the money to your bank account via the page ? :slight_smile:

Ignore just seen it’s US customers only :frowning:

ah ok then, thank you for the help though, much appreciated

You tried logging into your PayPal on a different device or browser app on your phone ? In case it’s just not loading correct on current route ?

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I am just trying something like that now. Basically my phone was stolen, so I am currently using an emulator on my hostels computer to access the monzo app, so am now trying the paypal app on there

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Ok that isn’t working either

Just to check it’s when it’s trying to complete the withdrawal the page just hanging on the spinning wheel? You’ve got past the entering value part ?

that is correct, it spins for about 3 seconds then nothing happens

Maybe try a different web browser. Or the pay pal app?
If not I’d recommend contacting pay pal support. Sounds like you’re doing everything correctly.

Edit: I see you’ve already tried a different browser.

I’ve tried every browser and the app. I have contacted paypal support numerous times but they don’t respond, apart from the first time which was just to show me the faq page which had nothing for my situation

Could you try calling PayPal ? May be the wait from hell on hold, but may be quieter at the minute!

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Nope, phone was stolen and my hostel won’t allow international calls

You could browse the PayPal community they may have answers? Maybe PayPal is experiencing issues at the moment? The withdrawals sometimes take a few hours to come through so maybe it’s gone through in the background and it’s just in the queue

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I’ve looked and can’t find anything on there with regards to this specific issue

If it’s a last attempt, try deleting the bank details and readding, or piggy backing a withdrawal via an old bank account and transfering it over ?

Tried that as well unfortunatly and my other account is overdrawn by more than what’s in my PayPal account, that’s why I have been trying to get it into the monzo one

It is possible there is an issue with he paypal website, I can’t access it on any browser now, and even the app says there is issues when I press withdraw. So I guess I will wait a while and see