Notify on New Direct Debit

I would love to have a little notification when a new direct debit has been setup under my account. It would also be nice to maybe see the direct debit in the feed saying something along the lines of “Direct Debit for EE Setup & Active”, something along them lines :slight_smile:


Is it possible to block the ‘Current Account Ideas’ topic, in order to avoid bouts of envy?

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There is a recurring payments tab at the bottom of spending, have you seen this?


Yes I have, but it would be nice to know when the direct debit has been setup too. I’m also thinking in terms of security should someone setup a direct debit without me knowing :+1:


Oooh. good call. That’s a tad subtle! I think I’d ‘expect’ that under the ‘payments’ page, intuitively.

Once we can enrich the Direct Debit listings, I personally believe it would be a nice idea to put new Direct Debit notifications in the feed as removable items in the same way we do 0 value active card checks. How does that sound?


That sounds perfect :slight_smile:

My Direct Debits are appearing in the Recurring Payments feed as they get set up - i.e. before any payments are made - therefore allowing any to be cancelled that should have not been set up, or look odd.


Are these added in a batch once a day? Just noticed my number of direct debits/regular payments has jumped to 10 now.

I think it just depends on how and when they get set up. I had one added one morning, a couple in the afternoon, one a couple of days later. Not sure if there is a set time or it just happens when it happens.

Yup, we get a file once a day from BACS for all of the Direct Debit Instructions to be applied that day, they’re then processed as a batch, so you should see them appear all at once.


@liamn :wave: Might be worth adding this to the help section for Current Accounts?


What information will be displayed when a direct debit gets paid? At the moment I have a list of direct debits, but there is no information other than the payee as to what it relates to. For example,I have two insurance polices with the same company, so I have two direct debits. The company is listed twice - but there is no information to show what direct debit is linked to what policy?

Has anyone had a direct debit paid yet and can confirm what data is given once the payment has been made?


Here’s what I see for mine -


it’s worth remembering that this is version 0 of the app & the design may change before the full launch of the current accounts.

Thanks - that’s useful. So it currently looks like there is no data on an account or policy number. However the amount shown helps identify what the payment is for - particularly where two policies/accounts are held of different amounts.

I had my first Direct Debit payment go out this morning for a credit card. It shows the card number on the payment.

I’m guessing I shouldn’t annotate the transaction note as if they receive anything other than just the raw account number on payments it will mess up the CC company’s auto-reconciliation system.

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The design will definitely change and improve on these :slight_smile:


This would be useful for me too. In the past I’ve had more than one Amex, for example, and after cancelling one it’s hard to know which direct debit to cancel without the referencing being visible.


If we could manually add more information to reoccuring transactions, it’ll help (along with showing the start dates, total amount taken, amount taken over the past 12 months - ideal of utility bill comparisons etc).


This hasn’t happened to me. Where do the Direct Debits, that haven’t yet had a payment taken, appear?