Upcoming Direct Debits now showing in Home Feed!


This is just awesome. Also if you do not have enough money in your main account Monzo will remind you to move money from a Pot!


Exactly what I needed! Good spot!

Despite direct debits being the same date each month, I always manage to forget until the night before!


Is it a fixed element on the screen (like the Pulse graph) or does it scroll with the transactions feed?

It scrolls, so when you swipe up (to view purchases in the past) it will disappear.


Now that’s handy.

Where those direct debits in your feed paid previously?

Im not sure exactly what you’re asking, but previously paid direct debits (your gym membership on the 3rd of the month) would be in your outgoings feed. But the feed is now showing those AND future direct debits to come out

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I guess I have the same question as @gallifreyangirl. All my direct debits are new and only being taken for the first time so :monzo: won’t have any data on them yet so I guess this will only show up after the first time the DD is taken?

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They’ll show up one working day before the payment is taken.

So the OP in this thread is seeing Monday’s payments today, which is why it says three days in the header.

Any Tuesday DDs would be visible on Monday, and so on.

It’s a function of how the Direct Debit system works.


Ah ok. I must have just missed the functionality then since I had direct debits taken today which didn’t show as upcoming :slight_smile:

Yes this is correct, Monzo needs to learn when your DD come out, and then the following month they can pre-warn you of next monthly payments.


Is this on TestFlight? Nothing on my feed and I’ve had a push notification about the DD


That’s what the summary tab does no? Down in committed spending I see all my direct debits and recurring card payments there!

Yes correct, its now showing in both

I think there are two things here: 1) the functionality in Summary which learns what’s due and when, and 2) direct debits that are scheduled for the next working day.

As I understand it (and as @James_Hatts says), companies requesting money under the direct scheme actually do it a bit in advance. So Monzo will know the exact date and amount, which I think is what’s showing in the feed here.

This is a bit different to Summary, which doesn’t have this detail (because direct debits for the end of the month, for example, haven’t been requested yet), so is based on a projection using last month’s data.

it’s great to see this, having a quick insight as to what the next few days hold really adds value for me. Hopefully the pulse graph will reflect the new estimated balance.
In the future being able to scroll a few weeks in advance and being able to see an estimated balance based off previous spending habits and upcoming payments would be cool.


Yes this is exactly correct.

For example Moneybox takes a direct debit out of Monzo each week. But depending on my weekly spend this direct debit amount changes (spare change rounding up - yes I know Monzo does this too)

Last week my Moneybox direct debit was £11, this weeks its £5. The Moneybox direct debit wont get taken until Monday, but as you can see from my original picture Monzo already knows its going to be £5 on Monday.

The Summary is going to see how much Moneybox took last MONTH, and predict what the total amount for Moneybox will be for NEXT month.

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I’ve had an issue where my last Amex bill was 4 times it’s normal amount. Summery now predicts the same payment value for next month when in fact it’s about £1800 less.
Hopefully more intelligence is added to the system where it takes an average of your last few payments maybe?

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Ok thanks for clarifying.

Easy to fix this I think.

Click into that Amex payment (the one that is 4 times the normal amount) and if you scroll you can see “Repeating Payment”

Now I’m unsure if this will just ignore that single payment (the 4x amount) or if it will ignore ALL Amex from now one, but worth testing.

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