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I have a quick question (newbie). Do upcoming direct debits, standing orders etc appear on the account feed the day before, a bit like salary BACS do? So if a DD is due to be taken the next day for example will this show the day before as an upcoming/pending transaction?

I am yet to have one taken from my account

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Yup. And you’ll also get a notification if Monzo notice it’s a different amount than it usually is.

Fantastic! Thank you for you prompt reply :+1:t2: This is great news. I Also wasn’t aware of the notification, that will be very useful too!

In addition to the above notification you’ll also get one in advance if you don’t have enough money to cover it. This will give you the chance to transfer some money over or withdraw some from a pot to avoid charges.

Even if you miss this and the direct debit fails, you will then get another notification giving you a small window (few hours) to retry the direct debit once you’ve added the funds to again avoid charges.

Monzo are nice like that :wink: :laughing:


Great thanks @Ordog!


Just to add on this as you are new @wrn47 the notification feature has some small holes in it. I’ll try and explain in as clear a way as possible here.

Balance - £100
DDs - 1 @ £57, 1 @ £26, 1 @ £48
You would not get a notification even though your balance doesn’t cover all DDs as the balance is bigger than each of the DDs individually.

Something to keep in mind is all :slight_smile:


@HoddzDJ thank you for explaining. I usually check my balance everyday so I assume I would still notice them all pending on the feed so will also be able to catch any insufficient funds should have hat ever be the case?

Exactly right :slightly_smiling_face:

@HoddzDJ Great many thanks :pray:t2: :partying_face::blush:

Not sure if that’s still the case. I had a more generic wording this month about ‘not covering upcoming payments’ or something so was half wondering if this had been modified in some way.

If they have changed it then that’s great, it was always an issue I had with it. Really hope it’s been fixed then :crossed_fingers:

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