Direct Debit Set Up Date

I may have missed something here, if so apologies.

From the “Scheduled Payments” page, there isn’t a way to see when a direct debit was set up

The only way I can see to do it is to find the feed item when the direct debit was set up and see which date that falls under.

As those are clearable and you may have thousands of feed items, can the date of set up be added to the detail page for direct debits?

It’s a lot easier to resolve duplicate direct debits etc.

Little add-on, can it be made clearer that I tapped a direct that has been cancelled when tapping the feed item rather than showing a blank screen.

I think this would improve direct debit management :slight_smile:


Interesting, I haven’t hit a cancelled one yet. That needs to be handled in some way.

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Interesting idea, not something I’ve seen from any other banks. The main issue that I could see is that setup dates could be wrong when CASS is used as I don’t believe that the direct debit file that Monzo receives contains the original direct debit agreement date so Monzo would need to use the date they receive it which could cause confusion.

I’m quite surprised it hasn’t been handled yet!

That’s a good point I didn’t think of. They could probably replace it to show “Moved with CASS on” to avoid confusion but that would require more work :hammer_and_pick:.

I’m pretty sure Lloyds show set up dates (although I may be wrong)

Edit: I was wrong lol


First Diect certainly show set up dates although I’ve never found it a very useful thing to know.


The example I’ll provide is:

Had both bank accounts set up on PayPal, started switch to Monzo.

Old direct debit was moved to Monzo giving me two.

Get an email from PayPal saying they failed to add my new Bank after my switch (because its already there).

I knew I needed to cancel the new direct debit but had to go through the feed to find the correct one as scheduled payments show 2 identical direct debits that just have references that don’t mean anything to me


Nice example :grin:

Quite a few of us have had issues with Paypal DD not working after CASS. Seems that Paypal doesn’t handle it very well for some reason. Also not helped because as you’ve noticed PayPal use a random string so you can’t tell which is the newer DD whereas most business tend just to add a version number to the end of the DD and the highest one is the active one

Off topic but… Really? I’ve never seen a version number! Maybe I’ve never had incremental DDs.

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I thought it was quite common but I could be totally wrong! :see_no_evil:

I have moved before and the new account wasn’t already in PayPal and it worked correctly. It even changed the bank name in my PayPal account. It sounds flaky though.

I think the most annoying thing about it is I only have my bank account in PayPal so I can withdraw money. I always pay with the card.

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I have a problem since switching. If the direct debit payment changes per month by a few days, which it often does due to weekends etc it thinks its a new direct debit,. I have 3 THREE mobile direct debits now with different payment dates. I am going to end up with a long list of duplicate scheduled payments at this rate.