Direct Debits & Standing Orders (recurring payments) Feedback

I have been on current account preview for few weeks and now migrated to the normal Monzo app and closed prepay. I have had my direct debits and standing orders with Monzo to test everything properly. Now that most of my direct debits have gone out at least twice I have some comments and the things which I would like to see;

  • DDs need logos. I have some DDs with well-known brands, for example, O2 but the logos are missing for all. I have paid O2 with debit card and logo is there
  • On recurring payment screen last payment amount, last payment date and DD reference should be displayed
  • DDs history is missing and should be like debit card transactions - So if I have paid a DD more than once history should be there in the payment details
  • If a particular category is assigned to a So app should keep these details for the next payments and automatically assign payment to previously assigned just like debit card transaction.

There have been quite a few other suggestions by the community I am going to collect those all here because I agree with most of those;


I believe the issue with missing merchant logos is known?

I don’t think those are related - merchant logos for card payments is a known issue but merchant logos for direct debits have never been there in the first place and the systems are completely different so they can’t easily reuse the info they have from card payments to identify DD’s.


Interestingly my DDs to for a dedicated server seem to display a nice logo and name. Bulb is … less pretty - I think this is mostly GoCardless’s fault though for using a shared SUN and just putting the merchant name in the reference which is a bit hacky.

I am just trying to highlight things around DDs and SOs and collecting them in one thread. I know Monzo plan to update UX and @tom acknowledged that here;

I just want to collect the feedback so we can steer and influence the changes :slight_smile: Maybe @Jami can let us know how he is getting on and when will we see updates around these.


This is a great summary and collection of enhancements. I completely agree with all of them. With my current bank I can see pending payments but I have to log in to see if there are any. Monzo just doing the same would be super helpful but also sending out a notification would be even more impressive.

My issue with this is that I want to see what Monzo have to offer, not what vocal users want them to offer. Steering them is the last thing I want this community to be doing!

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Steering them is exactly what I believe the community is supposed to do and actually does - If Monzo did not want our input or feedback to steer them there would have been no poll for ATM charges, Even the Monzo name was chosen by the community.
Steering is not dictating.


If you mean you think Monzo have no ideas what to do and we are giving them the ideas then I feel this is unlikely.

I see no downside to community members offering up suggestions they they believe will better functionality. It is then for Monzo to look at these suggestions and consider if they believe they are worth progressing and implementing.

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That’s fine. Opinion and ideas are what we’re here for. Steering generally implies more than that, however, since it describes an element of control that I don’t want to see in the community.

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Adding logos and more readable names to Direct Debit merchants is on our list, but won’t be something we work on until the upgrade process for the current account is feeling smooth.


Don’t think logos bother me much at the mo, I know they will be sorted but seeing details of DDs is something which helps me budget - So if I click on a direct debit I can’t see the payment history. (i.e. by clicking a Sainsbury’s card transaction I can see the all previous ones)
I found another sort of bug today that some DDs have history but you cant actually tap to see the payment details. And some DDs don’t even have that; See below screenshots - Thames Water DD shows history but Hyperoptic has nothing



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Wow the android app is actually further ahead to the iOS CA preview app atm 30F0A6F6-E5C4-4941-95CA-C2216CA060FA

I agree that the DD names and logo’s definitely need looking at. I would find it incredibly difficult to know what my DD were for if I had more than a couple as they come through as raw data. I know Monzo is focused on making the switch to the current account but I would have thought this was something they’d want to be in place for when they migrate everyone over

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Good suggestions here. A few more:

  1. Tagging doesn’t work generally in the app, but DD an SO’s should be an easy win here. For example, when I tag a DD or SO as a bill, it should remember that forever. It forces you to retag every month which is frustrating
  2. Known issue, but you should be able to view the billing details for an SO. Right now, you just see the recipient name, the amount, and what date it went out
  3. Ideally, for SO’s you should be able to change: the amount, the date it goes out, view/edit the billing details, or perhaps to pause it

When setting up a Standing Order with an end date, App does not currently show the year so it looks bit confusing imo.


I just got my first D/D set up (Android) and really don’t like the way it is presented.

Naively I had assumed that tapping on the direct debit would bring up more details about it, not put me within one mis-tap of cancelling it!

I think you should be able to tap on the direct debit, which then brings up more info, including an option to cancel (which should have at least one “are you sure?” option to back out after clicking cancel)


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I believe enriching the direct debit data is on the roadmap. I think @tristan said it would work similar to how we submit feedback for normal transactions. So I presume when the ability to do that is live they’ll improve on the flow of cancelling etc too.

At the moment, this is the functionality that was put together quickly to get the preview Current Accounts up and running. It’s just enough to make the recurring payments useable.

The ‘proper’ functionality intended for long term use is still away in the future.

Hi Rosie, I agree these screens need some work on Android - and I’m sure that will be coming :slight_smile:️ - but just to let you know you can’t accidentally cancel the DD with one click, it takes you to a confirmation screen where you have to enter your pin to action the cancellation (or you can return to the previous screen). Hope that helps :slight_smile: