Notification when I drop below a specified balance

I’d like to be able to set an amount in which, when my balance dips below it, a notification is triggered. This way I can make sure I’ve always got enough for things like direct debits, standing orders, etc.

I think they normally send a notification when you don’t have enough funds for a scheduled payment


Hi @RoRoy & welcome :wave:

Bills pots allows you to ring-fence money to allocate to Bills to protect you from spending ‘Bills money’ by accident. It works well.

Then there’s a notification if a direct debit/standing order is to be paid but there’s not enough in the account to pay it, giving you time to get the funds before the bill payment is retried.

Between these two, most people are covered. It’s not a ‘level’ of balance notification I agree, but it works to protect your allocated funds.


If you use a Bills Pot for the Direct Debits and Standing Orders then that money is removed from your main balance meaning you won’t be able to spend it on anything else and won’t need a notification.

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Just remember to associate your DD or SO to that Bills Pot, of course :wink:

A bills pot is going to change your life. It’s such a valuable tool!

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