[iOS] Billing pots notification about insufficient funds

Issue: I set up a standing order from one of the pots. The day before the scheduled date, I got a notification advising that my main account has insufficient funds, since its balance is less than that of a pot the standing order is sent from.

Not sure if this is relevant, but the amount in the pot is exactly the same as the transaction value.

Details to reproduce: Set up a scheduled payment from a pot. The day before the payment, the notification is received saying the main account has insufficient funds.
OS: iOS 13.0
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 3.0.0 #565

This is how it currently reacts when you set-up and use a pay-from-pot transaction. It is looking only at the main account balance - which is incorrect if you are using bills pot(s)

Extra intelligence is needed to look at the amount in a specified bills pot and add it to the amount in the main account before triggering these notifications.

It’s being worked on and improved :crossed_fingers: