Direct debit warning notification

Apologies if this has already been asked.

I love the fact I can see future direct debit payments before they have come out on my timeline.

Does it go even smarter than that like warn me if my balance is less than the amount that will be coming out?

Would be ace if it does/did


It should do yes,

The day before a DD is taken it will alert you if it suspects you to go into a negative balence.

If you do still go under unexpectedly you have until the end of that day to bring your balance back above £0 without any fees.


That’s ace thanks for confirming


It doesn’t work across weekends though, Monday’s direct debits check your balance on the Friday before.

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I would love to have a “buffer” pot where I could keep something back for DDs in the event where I didn’t have enough funds to cover them.