Pot scheduled withdrawals hashtags

Is there any way that the scheduled withdrawals from pots could be named or tagged in advance rather than after they have come out?
I use my pots to hold money for direct debits and standing orders until date. But i find it confusing when money is withdrawing from pot on different days and i can not identify which direct debit/ standing order it is for.

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Hi & welcome :wave:

The new Committed Spending Pot(s) aka ‘Bills pots’ feature will do this for you automatically - for Direct Debits at this stage, with Standing Orders/Scheduled payments/Subscriptions hopefully following soon.

It is early days of Bills pots, but generally, you transfer enough money from your main account into the designated Bills Pot(s) to cover the D/D’s that have also been assigned to the same Bills Pots

Then when a D/D is paid, the same £amount is transferred from the Bills pot to the main account just before the D/D is paid from the main account. Automatically. :+1:

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